Hideo Kojima Teases New Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay Video; Shows First Few Seconds

Next week Konami is going to release a new video of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay demo showcased at E3, using a different method of approach and equipment from the one you already saw. Legendary creator Hideo Kojima has gone into full-fledged teasing mode.

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C-H-E-F1138d ago

I'm so confused, did he get fired or is he still in charge? Do you all think that they made him pull back from social media because he was constantly revealing information on the game? Artwork, Character Design etc?

Abriael1138d ago

He's still in charge of the game. We don't know the full details, but he's supposed to leave after the game is shipped.

C-H-E-F1138d ago

Okay great, thanks for the speedy response.

KingKevo1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Yeah, he among other (former) Kojima Productions employees is apparently no longer directly employed by Konami and is instead just working under contract for the time in which the game is still in development. Once the game is finished the business connection between him and Konami will end.

What a weird situation to be in. He obviously loves the game he's making and wants to show his excitement and show it off, but at the same time he's having major issues with the publisher and his former employee who at the same time restrict his involvement (especially in terms of promotion). It's a very awkward situation.

PX541138d ago

I'd like to think it's all a big conspiracy, and he's not really been fired. Given how covert they were when initially announcing the game, it could all just be part of a larger marketing scheme.

Lord_Sloth1138d ago

I'll be sad to see him go but glad to see what he comes up with once he's no longer shackled to MGS alone.

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IIFloodyII1138d ago

He's still in charge, but according to Gamespot, he's now just a contract worker, his contract ends in December. He'll probably leave when it does.


fullmetal2971138d ago

He is still in charge of making Metal Gear Solid as per his contract. Chances are that this will be his last Metal Gear Solid game and any future Konami game.

Cernunnos1138d ago

Konami owns MGS, so he will never be able to make another one outside of Konami. As a long-time fan, it is probably for the best. Time to let it end. Excited to see what else Kojima can make.

UltraNova1138d ago


I too share your opinion on letting it end but Konami would never abound a cash cow like MGS.

They will milk the hell out of this franchise with or without Kojima.

hiredhelp1138d ago

Real shame a icon to many devs and gamers alike and a man that help i feel make konami MGS Is such a big IP name along with Silent Hill series one of the if not the best horror games.
I hope konami and hideo can make piece, If hideo continues his work elsewere I will be following him.

Abriael1138d ago

I still have hope that from here to september they'll announce a settlement. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but you never know.

hiredhelp1138d ago

That be great if some kind of resolution come of it for sure.

wannabe gamer1138d ago

Not me. After what they have done to him and so much of it he deserves better. They have not just fired him but they have insulted him greatly. Removing his name from the game(s) and other media/items is just like spitting in his face. I hope he moves on and even opens his own studio where he can be in control and let his vision and creativity flow with no oe trying to pull the strings. Konami needs to continue their exit out of the video game industry and stick to their resort massage parlors and gambling machines which they claim makes more money than the gaming side of things anyway.

bradleejones1138d ago

Would be nice to see Sony snatch him and his team up.

Sm00thop1138d ago

Wouldn't it be even better if he just made games for everyone.

Irishguy951138d ago

I hope he doesn't get 'snatched' by anyone. He should and could get full freedom and his own dev studio if he wished. CDPR it Kojima.

Kalebninja1138d ago

No because then he'd need to go to kickstarter and make a cheap game. Its better if he goes to a new company so he'd have a large budget to work with.

bradleejones1138d ago

My thought was that Sony give their studios the freedom to make what they want. That is something ms and nintendo don't do as much. I wasn't really thinking in an anti ms or Nintendo mindset, just that him and Sony would be a great match. I own a 360, wiiu, 3ds, ps3, ps4, genesis, PC, and others .

Truthandreason1138d ago


You don't think he could find investors if he wanted?

wannabe gamer1137d ago

Kickstarter LOL yea right. Kojima would have publishers and investors tearing his door down just to have a chat about a possible deal. Funding would be the last thing to worry about.

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showtimefolks1138d ago

As a huge mgs fan i feel like they have already shown a lot of footage. What do you all think? I am ready for the game. But i think its a problem with gaming in general now a days. Most games show way too many demos. Leave some to mystry. But thats just my personal thoughts

Kojima you deserve better and i hope your future is even brighter. Konami are just being idiots

But like square they will learn after loosing a lot of money for few years

Bass_fisherman1138d ago

I wonder what other aproach you can take in the game.

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