The Evolution of EA Sports’ FIFA Franchise in the Last Decade : A Gamer’s Perspective

TTZ: The FIFA series have come a long way in the last decade. TTZ looks back at the evolution of perhaps the best soccer simulation today.

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warrior821019d ago

i used to play PES in the PS2 days, but switched to FIFA when i got the PS3. havent looked back since.

Maltaze1019d ago

I dont think anything above Fifa 14 warrants an upgrade to tbh. Women's team doesnt really get them any points either.

smolinsk1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

Pes 2015 was super great, like the old pes games up until pes 6 on ps2, pes 2016 is looking to be the best football sim to date, all the previews looks that way.

jackwei221019d ago

I've kept on playing both from FIFA International Soccer on SNES until FIFA 15 and it truly evolved thanks to the inspiration of PES 4-6 on PS2 that really made FIFA make a great game from 09 until present day despite the annoying 13 and 15 which were a disappointment.

iceman061018d ago

I agree completely. FIFA has taken "inspiration" from the PES franchise in the place that mattered so much...on the pitch. By doing that, plus grabbing the licenses, EA pretty much assured themselves to be the default leader in sales. PES, unfortunately, stumbled until it got to PES 13...which was a seriously underrated gem. They had the rough transition to the new engine with PES 14 (which showed promise, but you could tell that there were things that the old gen consoles just couldn't handle). Then, made the "comeback" with PES 15. The competition will be interesting this year. All PES needs to do is refine some small things on the pitch to make it perfect. While FIFA really needs to return it's focus back to the pitch (IMO) and focus on more than just UT (which I understand their focus with the money that it generates).

showtimefolks1019d ago

Pes is better if you want gameplay. Fifa is better features wise. But to me gameplay is king.

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