Button Mashers Marvel Collector Corp Ant-Man Unboxing

Button Mashers is back once again with the latest Marvel Collector Corp unboxing, this months special box was themed around Ant-Man. Sit back and relax while Hi3i shows you what was inside this glorious box. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe it makes Hi3i smile. Thank you all again for watching and remember if your thumbs are not blistered you’re not mashing those buttons hard enough.

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ROQFrost811d ago

I need to subscribe to these.

Stevefantisy811d ago

I dig the world's smallest bobble head.

JoeIsMad811d ago

That's crazy how tiny it is. Super idea, all things considered.

johndoe11211811d ago

I'm confused. How the heck did this even get approved? This video has absolutely nothing to do with gaming. if angry joe did a video on the latest nissan gtr would it get approved because it's angry joe?

Peace_Love_and_FPS811d ago

And it's ant man of all heroes, who even cares about that??

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