For Gamers Only 18: Why PewDiePie makes so damn much

This week, Glenn, Ben, and QueenQ discuss why PC fanboys should just keep quiet, Nintendo’s reaction to all the negative Metroid Prime: Federation Force feedback, whether The Last Guardian has a chance, mods in video games, why PewDiePie just made 7.5 million dollars for 2014, and the life of a dominatrix.

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Hoffmann1142d ago

I think it is very unfair that this guys makes so much money with funny faces, I should make at least 100K with my website about Game-Art in a year, instead I make just 1K.

Being serious again:
The world is a damn unfair place sometimes but thats life. Instead of complaining why the guy makes so much, I congratulate him, he is probably a great entertainer for many viewers.

Septic1142d ago

My Youtube channel should make millions its so good! Instead I make £40 in 3 years. #nojustice

Joking aside, fair play to him. Yeah he annoys me and I cannot for the life of me understand his appeal but hey, he does what he likes and makes money from him.

Life is like that. Justin Bieber is a multi millionaire and has the musical talent of an expired can of tuna resting on the back of 12 dead meerkats. Tis is life unfortunately.

We should make our own N4G Youtube channel! With Blackjack! And Hookers! In fact, forget the youtube channel!

Hoffmann1142d ago

Lets do Cat videos, with you and me as Cats. I mean..everyone loves cat videos, we will probably make BILLIONS!

ExPresident1142d ago

Good for him. Is it silly that he makes so much for what he does/how he acts? Sure maybe, but thats my opinion, and clearly his supporters like it.

1nsomniac1142d ago

It's a strange world we live in!

I can see why people would like to watch people stream games before the game has been released. Why anyone would sit & watch someone stream a game they could just play themselves is beyond any logic I can understand though.

LgbtWarrior1142d ago

He makes people Happy, he's charming, sexy and is a gamer. What's not to love? People that don't like him are just jealous they don't have his big personality

Sm00thNinja1142d ago

This comment makes my eyes bleed

Ripsta7th1142d ago

Yeah , we dont roll like that around here
And most of n4g is male i beleive so thats an even bigger no!
You seem to be the black sheep

remixx1161142d ago

Whoa whoa whoa broski, slide with all that jazz remi the don don't envy no man, you feelin my vibe swig?

Ripsta7th1142d ago

In an alternate world , pewdiepie wasnt able to afford a gaming pc so he became a clerk at a corner shop xD

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