No AAA PS4 Exclusives This Fall - Does it Matter?

"The PlayStation 3 had plenty of flaws. It was too expensive, too hard to develop for and it was out for a long time before it had any 'must have' games. However, when Sony's first-party line-up hit, they hit hard. Sony’s first-party exclusives reached levels of quality unmatched by almost any other console game during the last generation. It is a testament to how incredible Sony's owned studios are at making games. --PLayStation Enthusiast

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Relientk771173d ago

PS4 has 44 exclusives coming still this year

Majin-vegeta1173d ago

Lies those dont count cuz they aren't AAA titles /S

SpaceRanger1173d ago

Didn't you know, if they don't have guns to shoot everything, it's not an overused franchise or its not a bi-yearly racer then they don't count /s

Been enjoying new diverse games on the PS4 for this year since January. And that's the way I like getting my games...all year long.

neocores1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

How do they not count. The article says exclusives and last time i check. We got uncharted collection and the tomorrow kids, no mans sky, and alot of other games so saying we have no games is wrong last time i check psn had more games including indies which still r games then the xbox store. so we will do just fine. Seeing as ps4 still leads by over 11mil consoles sold

uth111173d ago


Diversity is exactly why many of us bought PS4s over Xbox

pedrof931173d ago

Sony has the marketing rights for CoD and Star Wars : Battlefront.


Crimzon1173d ago

I'd be more inclined to say that they don't count because a huge chunk of them aren't actually exclusive. Hell, a bunch of these so-called exclusives have been available to play elsewhere for years.

I bought my PS4 for good exclusives, not a bunch of multiplats. Why would anybody care if Sony has the marketing rights for a couple of games that you can play on everything else? Are we gamers or shareholders?

nicksetzer11173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Honestly, PS4 has plenty of games still coming this year. As for being AAA, well not really. All I find ironic is those who claim Xbox One had nothing except for holiday yet ignore:

*Bigger games like - Ori, Screamride, and state of decay,
*Plus indies like - fruit ninja, iDARB, pnuema, funk of titans, goat sim, lifeless planetet, massive chalice, etc.
*F2P's like - happy wars, never winter
*And games still releasing this summer - Gears remaster, Rare Replay, world of tanks, etc

All of these and more along with Halo 5, fable legends, tomb raider and forza 6 this fall.

Then those same people posts lists full of indie games and smaller titles coming this fall to PS4 as proof that it does have games this fall? Why is it that all those games on xbox somehow don't exist, but on PS4 do? weird.

To me it sounds like a pretty strange double standard to hold. MS released their major titles in the fall and Sony released them in march for this year. Those claiming they like games year round are just being ignorant to the reality. Xbox had plenty of games similar to those that sony will have in the fall. I don't think the order in which they were released really changes that.

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thekhurg1173d ago

They could have zero exclusives and still have a great year.

miyamoto1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

The original PlaySaviour brand started out as a Third Party platform in 1994 and has continued to stay with that principle hence the creation of the PS4.

This is the perfect season of opportunity for the PlaySaviour 4 to show the world how it's gonna bring about "a good change" in the industry once and for all.

The PlaySaviour 4 is gonna level the market; the battle field for all kinds of games sizes: be it huge budget AAA games, or mid-size games or small size indie games.

No developer will be left behind!
That is right!
Every game will happily co-exist to gave different types of gamer's needs.

Gone are the days when big publishers only profit, or there is only one dominant genre of game, or only the best money hatter survives.
These will all be gone during the reign of the PlaySaviour 4.

Tons of games to play this year for PS4. TONS!

Rookie_Monster1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Of course AAA games matter and those smaller indie, niche titles don't really count. Console gaming is judge by AAA games and not old ports and niche titles that either can be played elsewhere or not many people care about.

If you guys want to count exclusives that way, then the WII from last gen is the undisputed champ because their exclusive shovelwares outnumbered the Halo and Uncharted of the world. But did anyone care about those minor Wii games? Don't think so.

No difference here as besides like .01% of gaming forum fans claiming that they are excited by it, the majority won't even know those games even exist or simply not worth their time and money. Big budget and well known games like Fallout, Halo, Uncharted is where it is at. Unfortunately for Sony and my PS4, I won't be playing their AAA Uncharted game until 2016.

Cupid_Viper_31173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

I don't really get this notion of PS4 has no AAA for the holidays.

Last holiday, Halo MCC was considered to be a big AAA exlusice. Why is the Uncharted collection not getting the same treatment? And they also considered FH2 and SSO as big exclusives when those games are still struggling to break a million each almost a full year later.

To give a bit of perspective, Halo MCC has sold some 2.25 million units so far. Yet the Xbox One's install base is somewhere between 11-13 million. So 9+ million people didn't bother to get the game meaning that 80% to 90% of gamers on Xbox didn't think Halo MCC was worth. So Halo itself is in decline, a reason for which you guys argued that COD marketing rights were less important because that franchise is also in decline.

Another point to make, let's imagine that only 20 of the 44 exclusives-to-come on the PS4 later this year sells as poorly as SSO or FH2 did during the last holiday. So about 350,000-550,000 units each. SO 350,000 X 20 = 7million gamers, and that's ONLY account for just 20 out of the 44 games that have yet to come. If you double that number to 40, It surpasses the number of people who currently own XBox Ones.

Every year, it's the same song with some of you guys, "PS3 or PS4 has no games, etc". Yet EVERY YEAR, the PS3 and the PS4 globally outsells whichever of Microsofts system that it competes against. Yet you guys refuses to face the reality.

The NBA would be so much more boring if it was just Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, Magic, Bird, Wilt, and a few others making it just 20 or 30 BIG name players going against each other. You'd have 4 or 5 teams total and that's about it. But in reality, you actually NEED the bench warmers, the role players, the big no name center who can only block shots, the 3 point specialist with no defence, and etc.... You need the whole package.

As popular as GTA5 is, a lot more gamers DIDN'T buy the game VS those who did. Because different people have different tastes, cater to only the few, and even your most popular product becomes niche in the grand scheme of things.

uptownsoul1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Matter to who…Exclusives are made by platform holders & released during holiday season to maximize the sale of consoles during the biggest selling time of the year. BUT…Last time I checked PS4 is having no trouble moving consoles during holiday or any other time of the year.

As for whether a lack of AAA PS4 exclusives matters in "The Console War"…Yes, I guess a lack of AAA PS4 exclusives for 2015's holiday is something the fanboys can bicker about.

r2oB1173d ago

@ rookie monster

Funny you mention console gaming not being judged by games that can be played elsewhere. You do realize that your console of choice only has 5 games that can only be played on said console? Other than Halo TMCC, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and Killer Instint (for now), every other game on the Xbox One can be played elsewhere. How can you try and even talk about games being available elsewhere as a negative, when your own console of choice has the smallest amount of games of its own?

I have noticed since you got your bubbles back that you have been more level headed with your comments, which is awesome. Don't revert back to a one bubble troll. Games are games, AAA games have their perks as do smaller, more ambitious titles. If a game looks good, plays good, has a good story/concept, and is immersive; or if it's only flaw is the budget required to make the game, then I couldn't really care less about its AAA status (especially if I'm not paying AAA money for the game). Would I like an AAA exclusive every month? Sure. But I understand that's not possible so I don't mind them spread out (not too far apart) with good, less budget games in between.

Yi-Long1173d ago

Persona 5, Disgaea 5, Ratchet & Clank, and I'm sure a whole bunch more exclusives are coming, so not sure what this writer has been smoking, but even if it just had those 3 exclusives coming out, it still seems like a great 2015 for PS4.

I know I'm happy.

Zeref1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

If we are going to count all Games then Microsoft still wins.

Rare Replay alone has over 30 games.
Almost literally countless indie games(they showed over a 100 indie games of which most if not all are console exclusive, exclusive or first on Xbox)

There are over 20 games that support Backwards compatibility

And then there's still a shitton of AAA exclusives.

Xbox One completely destroys Sony when it comes to games and functionality even though it's slightly less powerfull

Army_of_Darkness1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Sony knows that they don't need to release AAA exclusive this "FALL" to compete with MS's typical annual offers when they know consumers will be buying the ps4 version of these up and coming big AAA multi-plat games such as the next COD, fallout 4 and "Metal gear solid 5!..... MGS5!!!

Then there's also a little AAA game called until dawn which I'm definitely looking forward too :-D

BG115791173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

@Yi-long Yep, add Dragon Quest Heroes on the not so AAA games for October/November.
I find it funny, when people are saying that a console doesn't have AAA games for this fall, when another console didn't had more than one game this current year, and yes, it was an indie game that also came out for the PC...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1173d ago

Completely agree. Who wants to keep playing the same games over and over year after year? Sure some AAA games are great that's because they aren't milked to death Like the Batman series. I'd also like to add that there are some games that are destined to become classics like Persona 5, but those who have been so jilted and poisoned by fanboy nonsense that they overlook games like Persona, Until Dawn, Rime, Wild, Dragon Quest Heroes, Drawn to Death, Firewatch, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and The Tomorrow Children simply because they are considered to be AAA. We all know that a AAA budget doesn't necessarily mean that a game will be worth playing; See Evolve, COD Ghosts, NBA LIVE. What the author needs to understand is while AAA games are nice to have and I know this is very difficult for some to except for some strange reason: Not everyone likes Halo and Forza.

skratchy1172d ago

You are part of the problem, when it comes to today's gamers.

1172d ago
BeefCurtains1172d ago

Hey, I resent that comment that ps4 has more diverse games. I got my X1 because of its diversity too. I'm gonna play Halo, COD, Gears, Division... Wait a minute...

LOL, it's just a joke, I love my X1.

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brettnll1173d ago

They do count, but no much to the mass market.

iTechHeads1173d ago

As if Fable Legends or Forza are huge mass market favorites....come on man. A game like Persona 5 will likely sell the same if not more than something like Forza 6.

OldDude1173d ago

Persona games don't sell huge numbers. Like many that are looking forward to it I will play it on my PS3. They aren't graphics intensive games so I doubt there is little difference.

jetlian1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Fable and forza are bigger than persona 5. No persona game has sold close to 1 million!! same with disgaea and the others on your list

Zeref1173d ago


I want whatever you're smoking.

Fable is definitely a more popular franchise than persona.

And Forza rapes it in the butt.

Zeref1173d ago

You and those who agree with you are off your rockers.

Fable 3 ALONE sold almost as much as the entire Persona franchise!

jetlian1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Zeref fable 3 prior to bloodborne outsold the 'souls' series too! This why I can't take sony fans seriously

They will say anything.

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MrDead1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )


It's a blog site looking for hits which it will get lots from this article.

It doesn’t matter how many games the PS4 has had this year or how many it has left, this article wasn't created to inform. It will be approved as it seems some approvers like to spam this sort of opinion piece on N4G, the comment section will be turned into a playground and we will all react giving it lots of attention.

Edit: I see the articles changed from saying the PS4 has no games.... it really is that easy to get N4G approval.

yarbie10001173d ago

The article isn't about exclusives. It specifically mentions AAA exclusives.

And those games aren't AAA

OB1Biker1173d ago

Some of the first titles I read are PlanetSide 2 and Until Dawn... whats that? Indies?

Vegamyster1173d ago

Planetside 2 isn't exclusive and the title says "This Fall", Until Dawn comes out next month aka summer.

r2oB1173d ago

But the article asks whether it matters or not. That list of games may effect how one perceives the lack of AAA exclusives in the matter. In other words, for many people it doesn't matter since they have games to play through out the year, fall included.

miyamoto1173d ago

I know the Xbox camp are rallying behind Xbox "exclusives" in hopes of gamers buying the XB1 this holiday season.

But the holidays isn't the best time to release AAA exclusives like what 2014 taught us.

Halo MCC? Super Smash Bros Wii U?

The holidays belong to AAA Third party multiplats like GTA V, COD

MrDead1173d ago

When Relientk77 commented on this article it was stating the PS4 had no games and then was changed to get N4G approval.

This is why the content is so poor as the original article was reworked to be a more focused flamebait.

Dee_911172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Well lets just refine it even more to make it seem as if the PS4 is doomed and the Xbone has won.Heres another fact.PS4 has no Fall AAA xbox exclusives coming out within the next 24hrs.

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spicelicka1173d ago

It clearly says AAA......

magiciandude1173d ago

The next PS4 exclusive I will be playing is No Man's Sky on PC.

Jughead34161173d ago

If there were no games at all, then I'd be concerned. But there will be lots of PS4 games coming out to close out the year. PS4 has arguably the best 3rd party support. The no exclusives thing to me is for the fan boys that need to fight that console war. lol. Heck, Microsoft didn't have any exclusives at the beginning of the year, but Sony had The Order and Bloodborne. I didn't think any less of XBOX.

fermcr1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Sony gamers are becoming what Xbox gamers were last gen.
Who needs quality exclusives... as long as we have quality 3rd party multiplat games.

Hey, as long as Sony sells more consoles then the opposition, that's what counts for gamers. Sony gamers this gen are the complete opposite to last gen...

Seriously! Did you just tell me Sony has more and better exclusives for the rest of 2015?
Keep telling your self that... sooner or later you might believe it.
I have a PS4... and nothing really interests me until the release of Uncharted 4.

Jughead34161173d ago

@fermcr - Don't get it twisted. Sony has more and better exclusives than Microsoft. Many will agree with that. The issue is what is being released for the rest of the year. Sony not having a big exclusive line up for the rest of the year doesn't concern me because there will be plenty of other games. Last gen, XBOX was trying to compete with Sony's robust exclusive lineup with mainly Halo and Gears. That's not the case this gen. Sony still has more and better exclusives.

fermcr1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

"No AAA PS4 Exclusives This Fall - Does it Matter?"

Since I play multiplats on the PC, the PS4 doesn't have anything worthwhile (my opinion) for a few months. The next PS4 game I'll purchase will be Uncharted 4... and that's quite some time from now.
I don't like Bloodborne (nor the Souls series), so in all honesty, PS4's exclusives this year have been lacking (to put it mildly). I've hardly switched on my PS4 this year.

What surprises me the most is that Sony gamers, contrary to last gen, are completely fine to have fewer AA/AAA exclusives this gen and are fine to have Sony support more and more 3rd party games instead of exclusives. Sony gamers really have changed from last gen...

r2oB1173d ago

Ummm... last gen Sony didn't start pumping out a heavy flow of exclusives until about two years after release (maybe a little more). Considering that fact and the fact that Sony was still making exclusives for the PS3 late into its life cycle (which obviously fragmented their studios between PS3 and PS4 support, not a bad thing IMO)' I would say Sony earned a little patience from gamers. The console isn't even two years old and there is already a good amount of exclusives released/releasing... So no, Sony gamers haven't changed. It seems some other gamers have very short memories.

Aaroncls71173d ago

The article writer was most impressed by the CoD timed exclusivity announcement...


Azzanation1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

You dont know the difference between Exclusive and AAA.

Nosred1172d ago

This list and those who want to deceive, most are indie and niche games, unlike Ms that large AAA to please every public.

1172d ago
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LaWiiG1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Yeah but then again Xbox has Halo. That's the staple. There isn't anything coming to PS4 of importance. Fallout 4 is the only promising game...and its 3rd party. Uncharted is over done, God of War can't even come as a new title only remsastering. Wow, a remaster of an HD game = bs.

Thegamer411173d ago

So you think Uncharted is over done and Halo isn't? Please elaborate, I'm genuinely interested to know why.

LaWiiG1173d ago

I feel like the Uncharted series is continuously elaborating on the same story. Nathan Drake finds place, encounters enemies, escapes to tell the story.

Multiplayer is uninspired, underdeveloped, and lacks a competitive nature to make it anything more than a standard cover shooter.

The Halo series on the other hand has a huge fanbase, has produced things like movies, books, and a competitive multiplayer atmosphere. While the story continues to encompass the invasion of alien forces, there are variances in characters encountered, even offering to play soldiers other than that of Master Chief, the main protagonist.

So, in comparison to the Uncharted series where Nathan Drake is in, boo-hoo trouble again, there's more to the universe than a Sony-made Indiana Jones.

Thegamer411173d ago

That's just your opinion. Millions of people are still interested in the Uncharted series. Halo does have a huge fanbase, but so does COD and to many people its overdone.
It's all opinions, you can't say Uncharted is overdone based on your taste in video games. I love Halo, but I prefer Uncharted for its SP and hoping MP in Uncharted 4 (no one knows how well it plays yet).

r2oB1173d ago

@ LaWiiG

So you think 4 Uncharted games is over done (UC 1-3, Golden Abyss), but 11 Halo games isn't (Halo 1-4, Reach, ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Anniversary, Halo TMCC, Spartan Assault, Spartan Strike)?

You try and shrug GoW 3 as only a remaster, yet Halo 1 was released twice as a part of a remaster. Not to mention Halo TMCC (a remaster) is probably Xbox Ones best selling exclusive.

People will say anything.

Godmars2901173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

"Staple" means continuing franchises, which means not that many are going to be picking up an XB0 who weren't going to be in the first place. Whereas all of the non-AAAs - sans the likes of the pigeon dating sim - are likely to interest small groups of consumers that when combined could mean sales over time which are larger than a AAA number's.

That was much of the issue with the 360/PS3/HD phase of the gaming industry. In creating a AAA market, costs where increased so that the big titles involved *HAD* to sell well, didn't, but still higher expectations were made. Meanwhile many studios closed, and the bulk of devs where chased into the iOS/indie market.

We've been through the Atari-level game crash, are in it, but we're also in the restructuring phase as well. With the standard of indie titles picking up.

OB1Biker1173d ago

'Fallout 4 is the only promising game'
ok LOL

Allsystemgamer1173d ago

What you said about uncharted can be said about halo (which is my favourite franchise)

Master chief or "insert any character that plays exactly the same here" walks into a room kills a bunch of aliens, presses a button then moves in to the next level. Bam.

Jughead34161173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

LaWiig, I couldn't disagree with you more. Halo is a staple for XBOX. One of my top franchises for any platform. But you can't crap on Uncharted and God of War man. If you've played any of them, you'd understand why they're so popular. Although they're remasters, The Nathan Drake Collection is a big deal. You're talking about 3 of the best games you'll ever play. And God of War 3 is a freakin beast of a game. If you have a PS4, they're must haves if you've never played them. If you're an XBOX fanboy, I'd say, don't let fighting that console war blind you from greatness. You're missing out.

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-Alpha1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

When it comes to just considering the Christmas season (which is the only reason why people care so much about talking about Q4 games), Sony may not have any huge exclusives, but it doesn't have to.

It's got the biggest third party games locked down (Star Wars, CoD, MGS). If it didn't have this either, they would have a pretty abysmal Christmas, from a sales perspective.

From a perspective of a fan, I've been playing Bloodborne, Rocket League, and am eager to play Tearaway, and Until Dawn. There are a myriad of quality titles that range from all kinds of prices, but the diversity is killer. Something like Tearaway may not sell consoles like big blockbusters like Halo, but I think Sony is pretty confident with the third party content, and I am happy with the variety of games I've been playing.

And before someone says that "Sony should be spending money on exclusives", they are. Not all of them are coming this year, nor do they have to.

PockyKing1173d ago

Having COD, Star Wars etc locked down isn't really going to bump the sales that much. Those marketing deals are just a bonus to everyone that was already planning purchasing the game, unless you have both consoles.

But there's certainly a lot of diversity coming out and that's always good to have. People think the Xbox One still isn't diverse though, and I heartily disagree with that.

TheRedButterfly1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

So Sony's December is okay because they have marketing deals for a game that releases in September and two that release in November? -- all of which are releasing on every other console.

What are you on about?

GribbleGrunger1173d ago

No AAA exclusives so far this year for the XB1. Does it really matter?

But we wouldn't get that headline would we ...

Relientk771173d ago

Microsoft thinks there's only 3 months in a year

yarbie10001173d ago

Couldn't you say Sony believes the same thing?

The last big AAA exclusive was Bloodborne in March.

When is the next big AAA exclusive? March next year with Uncharted 4.

The rest of the games coming are AA or remasters you could play on PS3.

MasterCornholio1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )


The point your missing is that those 25 million PS4 owners will be enjoying games on their console whether AAA, AA, Indie, multiplatform or exclusive.

Its not like we re forbidden to buy anything other than exclusive AAAs for our console.

yarbie10001173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )


The point your missing is this entire article is based on AAA exclusives. So that's what we're discussing

And my prev comment will get plenty of disagrees. But i'm waiting on someone to start listing all those AAA exclusives coming within that 1 full year period.

BitbyDeath1173d ago


You are incorrect, the last big AAA wasn't Bloodborne.
The most recent was J-Stars at end of June.
Before that I believe was Planetside 2.
Even MLB15 came after Bloodborne and there were likely others in between also.

OldDude1173d ago

Seriously? J-Stars? Planetside 2? I got bored with PS2 well over a year ago when all the microtransactions just got stupid. I would hardly consider those AAA.

Xavior_Reigns1173d ago

Thankfully (not to sound like a fanboy though I have in the past) but that seems to be changing in 2016.

BitbyDeath1173d ago


How do you define AAA?
AAA shouldn't just be games that you enjoy.
Otherwise i'd say the Assassins Creed series isn't AAA.

J-Stars is a Bandai Namco game so coming from a large publisher makes it AAA IMO.

Planetside 2 is ex-Sony, (I forget the new company name).

yarbie10001173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )


If you count AAA according to having a big publisher. Then that means Scrabble which is published by Ubisoft is a AAA.

That is not the measurement :/

J-stars is not a AAA. And Planetside 2 isn't a PS4 exclusive.

We're talking PS4 Exclusive AAA titles.

That game is coming to XBO and has been on PC for years.

Rookie_Monster1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

PlanetSide 2 and J-Stars? That is like a bit far reaching there, bud.

"Microsoft thinks there's only 3 months in a year"

MS heard your cry, that is why Quantum Break and Recore are Spring releases in 2016. While Gears 4, Scalebound, Crackdown, and Forza Horizon 3 follow up nicely in the second half of 2016.