Microsoft: Stodgy or Innovative? It's All About Perception

PC World Writes: "When many people think of Microsoft, they think of a stodgy old corporation churning out boring PC software.

But is that image accurate?

Some analysts say no, and at Thursday's annual Microsoft analyst get-together they urged executives to do more to improve the company's image and to let the wider world know that it is developing great new products and services.

But Microsoft needs to address the perception problem, which runs deep and could have repercussions on sales of future products if the company doesn't manage to fix it. Executives showed just how real the problem is by running a brief video collected during a recent customer study conducted by the company. Microsoft chose people for the study who continue to use XP and who said that they weren't interested in upgrading to Vista because of its bad reputation. Microsoft offered to show the people the next version of the operating system to see if they might be interested in it when it comes out."

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