Splatoon Is The Highest Selling eShop Title Of All Time In Japan

Nintendo247 author writes: Believe it or not, but Splatoon has just knocked Dragon Quest X out and has claimed the #1 spot for the most downloaded title of all time on the Nintendo eShop in Japan.

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techologie1138d ago

Im surprised this sold more than Dragon Quest, especially in Japan.

FallenAngel19841137d ago

Dragon Quest X was an MMO which don't particularly sell as well as traditional RPGs

Blurmobjet1137d ago

Yet, still it was the #1 eShop title.

I think that was the point.

FallenAngel19841137d ago

Dragon Quest X would've sold more if it were a traditional RPG like its predecessors

benji1011137d ago

Well, DqX is on PC and wii. So its sales were split. The PC market in Japan is really expanding. For example FF14s latest installment has sold far more on PC than ps4.

Spikeantestor1137d ago

I love when a new Nintendo IP does well.

KryptoniteTail1137d ago

I don't see why. It's a shooter and the Japanese historically do not enjoy them as much. Plus, it's only a decent game, nothing groundbreaking. I'm glad Nintendo is doing well so maybe we will get more, better new IPs, but this is still very weird. In fact, its general success is confusing, not just in Japan. There's more buzz for it than the new Zelda Wii U (though probably because it wasn't at E3). It certainly isn't for me so it's hard to understand the draw, but either way its good. Maybe it will get a sequel and a 3DS version.

Anybody know if it has voice chat yet?

Summons751137d ago

No voice chat...doesn't need it. Also it's a fantastic game that is quirky and fun and while it's true they typically don't buy shooters as much as we do it is true they like quirky and fun things. It brings a fresh breath to a tried genre and is a lot better call of duty.

Nick_The_Slick1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

It does not. And it absolutely DOES need it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1137d ago

Tell that to all the people that pull successive wins off.
This isn't a game that needs VC for coordination.
Just knowledge of what role you should play with your chosen weapon, skill, and common sense.

N4g_null1137d ago

Haha you suck! Voice chat would get you so played. We would beat you in ranked battles in 30 seconds. I've seen so many strategies in just a few maps. Seriously there is no where to hide. You can try and snipe but it won't work for long... seriously if you can't see how this game is great then you are casual. Finally playing the single player game... awesome stuff. This is the most hardcover game I've seen. No aim assistance ethier. No quick scoping...

This game is pure gold. Best nintendo system ever. Welcome to shooters, real shooters!

Maybay1137d ago

Considering its on the Wii U; makes it an even bigger accomplishment. It shows that fans want Nintendo to step out of their comfort zone.

Develop some actual sports titles (non Mario - like NBA courtside, and Ken Griffy Jr. Baseball), and have other developers help them create more story-driven software with their own IPS (like Platinum with Star Fox).

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The story is too old to be commented.