Let’s Talk About Gjallahorn

Oh everyone remembers the childish screams of joy they let out the first time the Gjallahorn dropped for them in Destiny. Everyone also remembers the utter content they felt for their friends that had been playing a lot less than you but then still managed to get one after joining the NIghtfall with the last boss at 10%. For any of you that don’t know the Gjallahorn is the Holy Grail among exotic guns in Destiny.

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akurtz1142d ago

Mine dropped on an iron banner match, it blew up in joy!

ABizzel11142d ago

I've had 6 of them, and had to dismantle 3. Wish you could sell them.

rezzah1142d ago

I wish you could give it to other players, I didn't get mine until after hundreds of hours was spent. Some have been playing since day one and have yet to obtain one.

There will also be those who will probably get it only to see stronger weapons be released with the Taken King. Year one weapons will likely remain at their current attack level.

LordMaim1142d ago

@rezzah: Maybe not hundreds of hours, but pretty close and still no joy here.

Kribwalker1142d ago

I'm 300 hours in, no ghalahorn......kinda gettin pissed when I get a 2nd dragons breath or 3rd hard light in the nightfall but still no ghallahorn

GameSpawn1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )


Just keep doing the activities that grant Exotics (ie the Nightfalls and if you Raid at least make it to the Exotic "chest" for each raid - note Crota's raid is an mini-boss and not a chest for the Exotic). If you can't raid, you can play the highest tier Strike Playlist for a less than 5% chance of it dropping and Exotic (even less that it is a Gjallarhorn).

The sad thing is that you need to keep spinning that RNG. If you at least do the Nightfalls (which have the highest chances for Exotics) you run a better chance of getting one eventually. I did this and not only did I fill out a majority of the Exotic armor, but weapons also.

It took me 9 months of playing Destiny to finally have Gjallarhorn drop and if I was able to finally get one then you to will eventually get one.

Kribwalker1142d ago


I have 2 lvl 30+ characters so I do the weekly and nightfall at least twice a week plus try to do crota once a week, just gotta keep grinding I guess

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irishyort1142d ago

I agree with this article and I have said this before in forums. The whole missive bounties need an overhall and the Gally should be a hard one.

Most people can get the so called OP Thorn this way which has ruined Crucible for many, getting the Gally only really affects PvE so it should be easier and available

FamilyGuy1142d ago

Why are people so obsessed with the G-Horn? It's a weapon for when you're feeling lazy, all it does is save you some time in the long run.

My "Holy Grail" was the Black Hammer, Legendary weapons are more convenient.

GameSpawn1142d ago

While many Legendaries are worth their weight in gold, Exotics like IceBreaker and Gjallarhorn have their places especially combined with said Legendaries.

Gjallarhorn is great for PvE activities because it makes quick work of EVERYTHING (especially anything with Solar shields). It isn't nicknamed the "boss-killer" for nothing. It made laughable work of Phogoth and Valus the past two Nightfalls.

The horn is not good for PvP though as it is just overkill and it does not work very well against opponents that are spread out like in PvP. Also on the smaller maps it will tend to hit an environmental object while tracking and detonate early (it is better saved for the bigger more open maps with vehicles).

On a side note IceBreaker's purpose (for those with or without Gjally) is for ANYTHING with Juggler. It also gets used a lot by non-Gjally owners during stuff with Solar burn as it is ridiculously overpowered with the burn and a crit hit on top of near endless ammo. If you DO have Black Hammer and can consistently crit it is a better choice, but usually these people keep IceBreaker in reserve just in case they do run out of ammo to regen it for Hammer.

NSANiTY1142d ago

Gjallarhorn actually ended up being my very first exotic weapon. Got it from a legendary engram back when I was around level 28-29 or so. Really lucked out I guess because I've been playing for a good 6 months since then and haven't seen another one yet.

LAWSON721142d ago

Did vault of glass twice on hard and got one.

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