Payday 2 Crimewave Edition Supported For 2 Years

Starbreeze global brand directer Almir Listo was featured in an interview in the previous issue of Official PlayStation magazine. He talked about the competition that GTA Online and Battlefield Hardline brings to the table in terms of heists since the core of Payday 2 revolves around heists and he confirmed that Overkill has recently signed a 2-year contract with publisher 505 Games which guarantees much more additional content for Payday 2 Crimewave Edition.

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Mostafeto1139d ago

This game is really underrated in my opinion. It has all the potential to be even bigger than Battlefield as a franchise if they do it right. Like they can create an amazing storyline with some Mafias involved and the assassination of an important person for example, this can turn it into a classic. For me it is already.

B_Dawg1138d ago

Hardly underrated. You know what's underrated? Payday: The Heist! Payday 2 had the potential to be far better but turned out being far worse.

Kalebninja1139d ago

they gave this game for a dollar on pc, I played it for a bit and now I know why. I wouldn't recommend it.

WeAreLegion1139d ago

Did you play it with friends? It's hard to find a better LAN game. Seriously. Incredible.

Kalebninja1139d ago

what the heck is a LAN game? playing with people locally?

1138d ago