Low Level APIs On PS4 & Xbox One Will Suffer From Diversity On PC - Dev

Focus Home Interactive's Sylvain Séchi on the impact of new APIs on video games.

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iTechHeads1258d ago

Poor PS4 and XB1. How can they possibly compete?

Hoffmann1258d ago

With Games Like Tetris :)

Dannylew1258d ago

Say this things about Batman Arkham Knight. hahahahaah

Army_of_Darkness1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

What I'm thinking... " Oh here we go again... a PC fanboy trying to downplay current gen consoles capabilities just to hopefully feel a little relevant again ....Until...

UltraNova1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

As long as games like Bloodborne, Uncharted, GoW, Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc are console exclusives its the PC that has to compete, not the other way around.

(I would love to add an xb1 game to strengthen my point but I have no idea which xb1 games will remain xb1 exclusives going forward and not get ported to PC eventually, so feel free to add them for me)

Hoffmann1258d ago


Seems that my comment was misunderstood.

With games like Tetris I meant games that were and are very great and also very successful on consoles. Tetris back in 1989 was super successful on the Game Boy, it became a household name and game that everyone knew for a long time.

Games like that are needed again to make a console great.

microgenius1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Nope, with games like The Last of us which to me worth more than a any PC game or any super duper ultra high end graphic card

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fr0sty1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Price point, ease of use, exclusive software, they'll do just fine.

Just got a GTX 970. Figured I'd give the UE4 demo a spin to break it in. Downloaded it... won't install. Something with DirectX needs to be updated. A few google searches later, I tried updating. Still didn't work. A few more google searches later, still nothing.

Took me forever to solve a simple issue due to bad instructions leading me on wild goose chases...

With my PS4, I just put the game in and play it after a brief install. No system file dependencies preventing me from playing the game at all. No need for driver updates. Etc...

While we may be gaming enthusiasts and most of us know our way around a computer pretty well, the average joe out there isn't and doesn't. Until PC gaming becomes as plug and play as console gaming is, and until a gaming PC is as small and quiet as a console, average joe will do his gaming on the consoles.

They have nothing to worry about. Also, we're 2 years into this generation and only just now getting to the point where PC gaming will START to do things that the consoles couldn't dream of doing (not just talking about higher resolution or better AA) due to insufficient processing power. The games that take full advantage of these new API features will be sparse for a while. By the time there are a good number of those titles available, the next gen consoles will be launching and will end up with ports of most of the popular games.

DevilOgreFish1258d ago

Install your games to an external drive (to avoid reinstalling) and set Steam to big picture mode, done, nothing complex about that. Beyond it the burden of networking exists throughout all devices.

Viliami1258d ago

DevilOgreFish, Sorry but your answer was completely bullshit.
Installing to an external drive won't do anything as well as the steam big picture mode.
If you read his post, you will say that he had a DirectX problem. He will probably have to download some missing Dlls or uninstall and reintall a newer version of DirectX.

OldDude1258d ago


Because installing DX is hard? Hell every time i put a game into a console anymore or just turn it on it needs to update.

fr0sty1258d ago

It isn't hard, I've done far more difficult things with my PC. However, it was something I did have to spend a good bit of time diagnosing and figuring out the solution to. As for having to update games on consoles, yes, that is true, but you miss the point. The entire process is automated. You start the game, the update applies, installs itself, and you're done. No google searches, no trial and error fixes, just one step.

That, along with cost, size, and exclusive software will keep consoles at the top of the market no matter what sorts of technical advantages PCs may get, which usually take a few years to show up after a new generation and only last a few more before the next gen starts.

Consoles have nothing to worry about.

donthate1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I have rarely had any issue installing a game and playing it immediately. Most problems are resolved quickly and in some cases a user found a solution prior to a dev posting a patch!

Maybe you have issues due to user error?

Console has it's place, but I think this generation PC/Windows is gunning for a strong comeback with DX12 and the strong support MS is giving it. Last generation I practically skipped PC, this generation I am getting ready to upgrade.

I also believe that this console generation might just be one of the shortest due to high unit sales from low prices and weak hardware.

garrettbobbyferguson1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

"Something with DirectX needs to be updated"

These updates are included with the installation files.

"Took me forever to solve a simple issue due to bad instructions leading me on wild goose chases"

It doesn't sound like the instructions were bad, it sounds like the end user didn't know what he was doing.

"With my PS4 I just put the game in and play it after a brief install"

Brief? We downloaded P.T. on our Ps4. Took an hour on a 70/70 connection. Installing it? That was another wonderful half hour.

Now imagine if you do this and your game keeps crashing. Now enjoy waiting for a fix from the developer in a week. Consoles haven't been plug and play since two generations ago and honestly the misinformation people such as yourself parrot around these parts contributes to an overwhelmingly larger issue; not to mention creates more ignorant consumers. And don't forget how simple Steam/GOG has made things. Download, install and then play. You literally have to go out of your way to screw something up.

gapecanpie1258d ago

Sounds like you dont know what you are doing :/

Revolver_X_1258d ago

"That, along with cost, size, and exclusive software will keep consoles at the top of the market no matter what sorts of technical advantages PCs may get"

lol. You do realize PC's gaming user base is higher then PS4, X1, and Wii U combined right? PC is also all digital. So it's sales aren't flashy like console, but we have to still pay $60 a pop to match a console price point for physical copies. If anything consoles, are holding us back in more ways then one.

s45gr321258d ago

Steam Machines to the rescue. LoL Well for the most part, my time on PC is pretty much click the game I want on the digital store. Install and download play. Not difficult. Bloody hell Windows is so automated nowadays meaning automatically updates,patches,defrag,etc. Is ridiculous. At least Linux offers a challenge.

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bmf73641258d ago

Sony constantly improves the PS4's OpenGL API while Microsoft keeps pep-talking DX12 on Xbox.

meche3341258d ago

Its not MS. Phil already said what he had to say. Its the media that hyped DX12 up not Microsoft. If u think otherwise show me a source where MS hyped up DX12

UNKLE1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

"Sony constantly improves the PS4's OpenGL API"

this one is a good joke... most of ps4 update is stability upgrade like they did with ps3.

DarXyde1258d ago

Phil Spencer has actually been pretty humble regarding DirectX 12 on Xbox One. He hasn't made any outlandish claims and is pretty realistic about what you're going to get from it.

kingPoS1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )


Who's to say there aren't any api improvements in a fw update?

Gateway MT6706 2008

uth111258d ago

It's not even the media, its like one dev, Brad Wardall, that is responsible for most of the DX12 hype. Seriously, he's quoted in like 90% of the positive DX12 coverage!

Yetter1258d ago

SDK improvements roll our every month for developers on the XB1, just like the updates for consumers.

rainslacker1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )


OS updates aren't API updates, although I assume they do add in some stuff with them so they reside on the machine. You don't always need the most recent system update to run even the newest game.

When a console game is built, it is built with the entire API logic that it requires to run the game. It requires a game update to make it more stable if it's unstable. In contrast, PC games hold the API's on the host machine, which is why sometimes it will say a DLL is required. A dll is just the driver for an API to interact with hardware.

Kleptic1258d ago

Any improvement made to the Xbox One or PS4's graphics api will HAVE to remain completely backwards compatible...if it wasn't, a system update for either system could result in existing games not running without a specific game update...and they obviously won't let that happen...

but, at the same time, yeah...its likely that anything 'stability' related in terms of an OS update is api related...they're not so much improving the performance and capability of the api, but more straight forward bug zapping...thats a never ending battle for any complex series of api's, whether its a PC, console, or even smart phone...the key is that existing hardware, using existing software, can't get a 'from scratch' type of thing...

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Haru1258d ago

Well at least PS4 has many exclusives left, while xbone doesnt have too many left most of the xbone exclusive are coming to pc too, so in that regard i think xbox has no future since it's not only underpowerd compared to PS4 but also has no exclusives left this might as well be the last xbox we will see

u4one1258d ago

while i don't think consoles have to worry about pc, i think you kind of missed the point of the article. basically - certain techniques, effects, etc will become fragmented. 3rd parties and different developers will evolve and compete in the pc space while consoles are locked to their own respective manufacturers spec. this means there might be better and different ways to do things on pc while consoles will have to do things the way they have always done. also - consider 3rd party effects on pc that do things like hair rendering, or physics or whichever. its not taking a jab at consoles so much as just explaining that there are two different environments for graphics development.

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Rookie_Monster1258d ago

Isn't this already obvious? Why keep rubbing it in, Gamingbolt?

We already know that when the specs were announced and both users the Jaguar low powered laptop CPU.

Maxor1258d ago

The performance gap between PC and consoles will even be bigger now .

iTechHeads1258d ago

Depends on the PC though.
PC can refer to a $200 laptop or a $2k Desktop PC.

u4one1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

in straight up possible capability, the pc will always grow faster than a console. a console comes out maybe 1x every 5 to 7 years and with that the xb1 and ps4 are considered "mid range" (for now) pc power.

PCs have new graphics cards coming out almost constantly from competing manufacturers- each better than the last. RAM is cheap and easily obtained and swapped out. faster hard drives are cheap and readily available.

i mean sure the ps4 is more powerful than a $300 pc, but a $300 pc is more powerful than say a ouya or other small time console so you can't compare individual units to individual units. you can only compare in flat-out capability. for ps4 thats 1.82tflops of gpu. for PC that number is crossing 5 tflops and rising quick.

this isn't to say that consoles suck or have bad graphics capabilities, its just a different world. PCs can have as much power as you want to throw at them and they aren't really limited to anything other than where you want to stop.

dRanzer1258d ago

That just great
tell me how uncharted work for you in 4k on your pc
games matters,not a bit of extra debris flying(batman arkham night for example)

decrypt1258d ago

Well PC has a bigger games library than any console out there :P

Dont go on naming exclusives, PC has more than the consoles you speak of.

Seafort1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Please tell me how Witcher 1 works on consoles? :)

Anyone can name games that aren't on the other platforms.

Uncharted isn't a game that matters. The world isn't going to end if it didn't exist.

Not PC gamers fault the console owners skimped on cheap components to keep costs down but console gamers have to live with that decision for the next 5+ years when games don't perform as you would like them to.

Angeljuice1258d ago

Witcher 1 won't play on my PC either. I tried it a few weeks ago and nothing happened. I haven't been able to solve the issue.
Gotta love that P.C. back-catalogue. Have you tried playing anything over 10 years old lately? Good luck.

decrypt1258d ago


Sure Witcher 1 wont work on you grandmas PC, i played it maybe 2 years back on windows 7, no issues what so ever.

PC library is literally insane. Too many games to play. I have friends who game on consoles, they literally are waiting for the next game to come out so they can play again since there is such a shortage of games on these new consoles. Please get your facts straight.

Rookie_Monster1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

It doesn't have Uncharted 4 but SFV, No Man's Sky, Shenmue 3, and FF7 remake will looks and runs gloriously on PC. IF PC games Arn't even a bit concern over not playing Driveclub or the Orders 1886, I don't think they will loose any sleep over Uncharted. Bigger fish like Fallout, Witcher, and GTA are all that matters...not just in better performance but MOD!

decrypt1258d ago


Check Steam Stats, about 2500 People are playing Witcher 1 right now as i type this :P


How many people do you think right now are playing UC 1 on their PS4?

dRanzer1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Just to be clear i dont say we dont need pc,but we dont need a high end one
witcher 1 can played on 7 years hardware,and that ok we most of the pepole
to say the pc as a huge libary its great but whoever say it most be speaking about half life 1&2 and doom 3,but i dont talk about games 10 years ago,do u see me mention ps2 games?
trust me the number of players that plays the games that comes out to pc and consoles are much bigger on consoles

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Maxor1258d ago

I don't care how Uncharted work on PC because I already own a PS4. The real question is how come the PS4 can't run Bloodborne at 60 FPS like the game deserves?

Conzul1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

There is no shortage of games on console; only a shortage of people's interest in diversity.

AndrewLB1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

What's hilarious is you guys get all excited about Uncharted 4's completely scripted events and linear gameplay.

And as for Arkham Knight, many nVidia features aren't on consoles.

Rain effects, smoke, wind, trash.

Just watch the bat-mobile at 3:20 doing donuts. Where's all the smoke PS4???

gamernova1258d ago

Uncharted lol Is that like the to go to game for PS folk to try to be on equal terms with the PC? I am sure uncharted is all fine and dandy but I am here looking forward to fallout 4 and FF VII remake. Is uncharted something everyone swarms to get like GTA V? And now people are using batman as if this one case highlights every single experience on PC. So we have a crappy port, it happens. Remember Unity? Even consoles got screwed with that one. Simply put, the PC is the best platform to game on because it isn't just to game. Downplaying the raw capacity of the PC based on exclusive games is silly. The PC has its fair share like Civ for example. But hey, how is a 400 or less console going to match a PC super beast with a G-sync monitor at 4K or higher res? It's not going to happen. Also, I can play last gen games on the same PC. It's not even a competition lol

u4one1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

you have to look at it like this. pc will always win the power war. its just fact. they are too modular for locked down consoles to even compete. consoles will always win with price and convenience. if having the best graphics possible is a must then one should go with a pc, it will always be the most powerful. this isn't to say consoles can't make amazing graphics, but remember that the amazing uncharted 4 game would look even better with twice the power if it ever made it pc side (which it won't to your point).

if you are on a budget or are looking for certain exclusive titles from a certain studio or you just want simplicity then a console is the way to go.

when it comes to actual games to play, the reality is there are way more titles available for pc (with varying degrees of backwards compatibility) but one might argue that consoles will have better exclusives. depends on your take and your camp i guess. to me this is a straw man argument because there are lots of good things to play on either side. if you really love uncharted series more than anything you are going to buy a playstation no matter what since its the only thing that plays it.

typically more casual gamers use consoles and more hardcore gamers use pc. that isn't to say there aren't really hardcore console gamers so much as it is to say that people who take their games really seriously will go spend $2k or more on a powerful pc rig, but mom and dad probably wouldn't buy one of those for the kids. this means consoles have to stay in that comfort zone of price/power/features. pc players usually only worry about power

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Spyroo1258d ago ShowReplies(3)
rainslacker1258d ago

K. i'll still play my consoles more than I'll play the PC. Just my preference. There are a few games I enjoy on PC though, but would typically prefer to play on console when available.

Germany71258d ago

And according to your logic, Android and IOS have more exclusive games than any platform out there, probably it's the best platform then, right?
If you have so many games, why do you keep to beg for so many console games with petitions?

Revolver_X_1258d ago

Yet another ignorant statement from a typical N4G user. Good job at generalizing a person into a group you have no direct knowledge of him being a part of, in attempts to prove some non-existent point.

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IrishSt0ner1258d ago

It sure will be nice to see my i7 usage in games go from 25%, to all four cores, literally a 300% boost. Keplar GPUs will get around 20% extra too, coupled with the stacking of the unused intergrated graphics (and multi-GPUs, for those guys).

DX12 consumer release is only one month away so it'll not be long for devs to start using the API, it's also not years away either as I've seen suggested. For example, the ARK devs said they'll be full DX12 by this fall.

slane31258d ago

Tell that to The order 1886 & Driveclub....Ps4 will be fine

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D3TH_D33LR1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Lmfao Too bad for you, if that's what matters most, you're likely a scrub. ^