Why Video Games are given a bad rap

GotGame Writes: "There was a time when smashing bricks and jumping into pipes was considered fine entertainment. These days, if you got your gaming news from television instead of fine places like this, you would hear mostly about the terrible things you can do in video games and how they turn our children into little soldiers. But when I sit down in front of my game console, I do much more than fight intergalactic war.

One amusing aspect of the controversy stands out to me: recently, I was playing GTA IV and it occurred to me that, in-between hit jobs, I had just spent ten minutes bowling on a date with a fake girl named Michelle–and I didn't even get a kiss. It may be that the gaming world is not really made up of guns and tanks as we are led to shame ourselves into believing. The truth is that gaming is dominated by games like Guitar Hero. Games that aren't about hurting people. Games that bring people together in order to level each other in a non-violent, everybody-wins kind of way, like it was to begin with."

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