Arkane Highlights How Emily And Corvo Influence Dishonored 2 Story

"Talking in an interview with Mashable, here’s what Co-Director Harvey Smith had to offer about the branching narrative."

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bixxel927d ago

Cool right? Why can't this come out in 2015? I don't want to wait one more year..

arkard927d ago

Can't wait! Loved the first one!

junir927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

I like how Corvo looks like a distinguished gentleman instead of a bass guitarist.

TeamLeaptrade927d ago

This game is going to be great! I might need to play the first game just to get my fill of Dishonored until Dishonored 2 comes out.

SlightlyRetarted927d ago

Oh definitely have to play Dishonored again just to scratch that itch before the new one, and don't forget those DLC. I think Dishonored story DLC were best DLC's of last generation. Really excited about playing Dishonored 2 twice in a row. First with Emily then with Corvo. Corvo playthrough is full ghost mode.

stavrami927d ago

i am certainly not interested in reading anything about this game.i can't hype myself up to much as the wait will kill me.IM GOING IN BLIND (well more tunnel vision as i played the 1st game). :-)

bixxel924d ago

I don't think hype can take this game down. Last time Dishonored got pretty hyped but turned out far better. I wonder about D2 now.

stavrami924d ago

i know what you mean i don't listen to hype but if i watch to much of something i get myself worked up and get impatient for the release lol

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