Review: "Batman: Arkham Knight" is best in already great series | CCT

It's that kind of attention to story, themes and detail that makes "Batman: Arkham Knight" the best entry in the series.

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bixxel1259d ago

Yep. It's eve better than Arkham City.

fei-hung1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

*** possible mild spoiler ***

Lack of boss fights, cliché Arkhan Knight identity, shoe horned side stories, the ending locked behind collecting every frigging riddler trophy and the lack of themed areas for the super villains makes this the laziest Arkham game

goldwyncq1258d ago

I don't think your definition of lazy is right.

HumanatPlay1258d ago

I find the number of positive reviews for this game rather mind boggling. I beat the game recently and all I can say is the voice acting and combat really help to mask the games biggest flaw - mission design. The side quests are unsatisfying grind quests that have you doing the same thing 3 times in a row. The Riddler missions are the worst with Batman constantly driving to a location, heading down an elevator while being mentally drained by Riddler pointless much potential and the game fails to deliver across the board. The Arkham Knight boss fight is a joke and a big slap in the face. WB definitely pulled a Destiny here.

meganick1258d ago

I'm baffled by the overwhelming praise as well. I found Asylum and City to be far better experiences.

Shinobiprince1258d ago

I agree, especially with batmobile depedency

Maxor1258d ago

I agree completely. This game advanced the franchise an inch, nothing more. This is not the Batman game we deserve.

Dr_Angus1258d ago

I agree. I've tried listing out all the faults with this game, yet - just like yours - all I get are disagrees and no replies explaining why.

OhMyGandhi1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I agree, one hundred percent.
The game is fun, no doubt. Rocksteady knows how to craft beautifully articulate combat mechanics, and the voice acting is quite good. But....The mission design is just middling busywork. No heart, no soul. I suppose it's because Batman himself is pretty damned boring, and he is seemingly uninterested in what's going on around him. I perhaps am forced to mirror his attitude, standing stoically while listening to some random villain go on at great lengths about how horrible a person he is. I actually agree with that sentiment, in more ways than I care to describe.

But most importantly, the progression through the story doesn't feel organic...At all. Oh, that building is burning, must be firefly, oh that alarm is ringing, must be two face. What's immersion breaking is how I can fly past these things to pursue other objectives, and how come back two hours later to see the same building with the same slightly charred brick and the same two flames licking at the sides, seemingly frozen in time.

And while I don't hate the batmobile, my god is the thing overused. One minute I'm playing a stealth action title, the other "Split Second", and like Superman destroying buildings in Man of Steel, I am causing millions of dollars of damage within seconds driving that thing through the street, which brings me to my final point:

Why the hell can't I use the batwing? The thing is well armored, can fly, and would seem to make the most sense given the large scale of attack coming from Scarecrow and Arkham Knight. Especially if I, batman don't care about destroying just about everything in sight and collateral damage overall. Every time I see it pick up prisoners, or attach itself to the batmobile to install new upgrades, It gets my blood boiling. They must have realized how idiotic it is to drop me off like some angst ridden teenager at the mall, while the one vehicle that could do some real damage flies off to sit in some garage.

Arkham Asylum gave us the freeflow combat, and the brilliantly executed stealth mechanics. "City" gave us the perfect concoction of indoor and outdoor stealth and flying. Each area had it's own "theme", and the game was littered with easter eggs for those who cared to look. "Knight" gave us...The batmobile, which in small doses, would fit perfectly within the game's own rigid structure.

I forgot if the other games had the Fear takedown, but that is certainly an added plus in Arkham Knight, and nothing to scuff at.

Overall though, the game is fun, the story is somewhat interesting, and it is worth anyone's time. Where it fails, and I had to think about this for some time, is motivating me to complete side quests for any real reason. The ONLY reason I saw through to the ends of each mission was to see my "completion" state go up, not to actually see "what happens" within the story.

Weird that Batman has some of the coolest bad guys and Rocksteady decides to blow through them like a ADD kid with a flipbook and five minutes to spare. I may get crucified for this comment, but there were times where I felt like the game was suffering from Spider Man 3 syndrome, where anyone with legs, a smirk and a machine gun got their 15 minutes of fame before being dismissed entirely.

ameliabaz1258d ago

"And while I don't hate the batmobile, my god is the thing overused. One minute I'm playing a stealth action title, the other "Split Second", and like Superman destroying buildings in Man of Steel, I am causing millions of dollars of damage within seconds driving that thing through the street"

I felt really weird about how much damage Batman causes with the batmobile. It didn't make me feel like a superhero at all. I felt like a villain for destroying half the city. When the people of Gotham return to their homes, most of them will probably be homeless thanks to Batman.

AtomHeart6231258d ago

Again I say.....A superhero game with no real boss battles!? Really?!

fei-hung1258d ago

Looks like Rocksteady blew their time on making the largest map and throwing in the batmobile,everything else took second place.

AtomHeart6231257d ago

Should boss battles in a superhero game take a backseat to driving the batmobile?! Go play forza if you want driving..........I doubt very seriously if fans of the comics and specifically batman want driving to take the place of awesome battles with arguably the best assortment of villains in any comic franchise. Also, Gotham looks amazing but if theres nothing worthwhile to do there whats the point?

fei-hung1257d ago

Im confused with the disagrees, since I'm making the same complaint about lack of boss battles, themed areas that match with the villains and the ending being locked behind 200+ Riddler trophies.

WizzroSupreme1258d ago

I still rank Arkham City much higher, frankly, but Arkham Knight has some of the best individual moments in an overall weaker campaign.

goldwyncq1258d ago

Arkham City has the better main story but as a game, Knight is superior.