GameSpy Previews: DC Universe Online

GameSpy Writes:

Last week at E3, Sony Online Entertainment talked some big talk about DC Universe Online, but it wasn't available for play. That honor was saved for the guests of Comic-Con, and by the looks of the crowds piling into Sony's booth, they weren't disappointed.

DCUO is a completely action-based online game for both PS3 and PC. Unlike traditional online RPGs, which require you to target an enemy and then calculate your chance to hit based on the stats of your character, DCUO is all about player skill. You aim at targets on the fly, as in a first-person shooter. And because of the game's physics engine is so robust, players have a lot of options when it comes to manipulating the world. Want to freeze your enemy into a block of ice, slide him down a hill, then throw a bus at him while he's pinned in a blind alley? Go for it. The gameplay encourages heroism.

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