Final Fantasy VIII Need To Be Remade Too

Final Fantasy VIII deserves a remake every bit as much as VII does.

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kaizokuspy1261d ago

Yes! A remake of viii would be great. Have a better way to connect the romance between squall and rinoa. The card game is fun and actually matters bc you can synthesis your cards early on to make squalls leg weapon before disc 1 is finished! It's a shitty path to do it, but who doesn't love a playthrough where you're pretty much God :D

Last_Boss1261d ago

Totally agree, this FF is deserved of this.

ShinnokDrako1261d ago

Ok, i agree but let's finish FF VII first, please ;P After that, i want FF VIII too! And FF VI... maybe IX.... and i didn't dislike FF XII neither.

Gamegents1260d ago

If you look in the related articles just below this you will see a article called "The Game Square Should Have Remade: Final Fantasy VIII" I published it just the other day and this is almost a carbon cut copy. I appreciate the flattery bro but come on.