How Nintendo's WiiSpeak Mic Works

So there was one potential issue with Nintendo's WiiSpeak microphone that it announced at E3. If the thing is supposed to sit on top of your television set and record all the noise in the room, won't the loudest noise it records be the cacophany of game sounds coming out of your television set?

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M_Prime3679d ago

well these accessories are quite cheap.. i mean considering the price of the game.. nintendo usually gives the accessories for 'free' because they don't jack the price but this one might cost..

hell i spent $120 on DDR HOTTEST PARTY and 1 EXTRA mat.. whats 60 for a mic with a game?

thewhoopimen3678d ago

Talk about being ripped off. You have to get this mic along with the motion sensor plus, along with virtual console controller, Extra wii-motes, and extra (joystick thingy's can't remember the name).

$249 console + extra wiimote $40 + extra Motion plus $50 + Extra virtual console controller $40 + (joystick dongle) $20 + Wii Mic + $60 = $459

You have essentially purchased a PS3 w/ extra controller.