Batman Arkham Knight No Upgrades Playthrough Ruined by Two Trophies

A video which looks at how just two of 243 Riddler Trophies require an upgrade, ruining plans to beat the game without ever upgrading the Bat.

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Mega24812d ago

I don't get it... What his trying to accomplish is part of an achievement or something?

bloop812d ago

This is one of the most pointless things I've ever seen in my life.

bunt-custardly812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

@bloop Just like the person who beat Bloodborn without levelling up or using guns. Or many other games where similar feats are attempted.

People do it for the added challenge.

There is an achievement for Final Fantasy VIII - beat the game without levelling up.

DragonKnight812d ago

@bunt: Agreed about the added challenge, but the achievement for FFVIII isn't a good example since enemies level up with you in that game. It's pretty easy to beat the game at base level because of that.

darren_poolies812d ago

Could you not just finish the game without upgrading and then go back and do those last two Riddler trophies?

deim0s812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

You actually can't technically "finish the game" and get the true ending without getting all of the trophies.

I suppose it would depend on what you classify as beating the game though.

CDzNutts812d ago

There's a different ending if you didnt get all of the trophies?

KiwiViper85812d ago

Finish the game to a completionist standard

WitWolfy812d ago

I cant beat that darn 3rd Riddler race where he controls the entire track. Almost threwmy remote at my tv.

N8812d ago

It took me a while as well. It made me smile though I cursed at the riddler the whole time. You keep losing and he's calling you stupid the whole time.

itsjustexuma812d ago

Just use the 3rd person camera and you'll do amazing

Christopher812d ago

Ruined? You did the playthrough as best as you can. You did it. You succeeded!

Only thing ruined here is your attitude.

Mustang300C2012812d ago

Damn straight. It is these challenges why Achievements and Trophies were made. I remember creating my own challenges when I was a kid on my Nintendo and Commodore 64

bunt-custardly812d ago

Rattle and prams spring to mind actually.

WizzroSupreme811d ago

Wow, you got that far? Shoot, someone give this person a plaque or something.