Latest EGM review scores (SoulCalibur IV, Madden)

The latest EGM review scores are as follows:

SoulCalibur IV - A, B+, B+
Madden NFL 09 - A, B, A-
NCAA Football 09 - A-
Beijing 2008 - B
Alone in the Dark - B-, D+, C-
Izuna 2 - B-
Guitar Hero: On Tour - B-

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Lifendz3560d ago

last year's 30 somewhat frames per on the PS3 version really sucked cuz I ebayed the game. Anyway, can't wait to pick this year's copy up.

TheDeadMetalhead3560d ago

Alone In The Dark: B- to D+? Steep.

Soul Calibur 4: 2 Bs? Hmmmm...