From Cartoon to Game 2 of 6- The Raccoons

Carl Williams writes, "This is a personal favorite of mine, it is a niche title that most reading this will probably not know about. For those that do not know about The Raccoons, you need to check it out below. The show follows Bert Raccoon and his antics in the forest. Bert is not alone in the forest, that would make for a boring show, he ahs Ralph and Melissa Raccoon (his roommates and friends) and a host of other characters, both good and bad. The main bad guy is an aardvark who also happens to be a millionaire named Cyril Sneer (80’s villains had to have clear bad guy names). Cyril’s place in the show is based on his greed which requires the forest to be cut down and the wood sold for money, increasing his net worth, everyone else be damned."

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