The Joker Featured In MK vs DC Plus More

In a interview with GTTV, Ed Boon told them that "they will be revealing more information on the game at Comic-Con". At Comic-Con no new footage of new characters were shown, but GCO were lucky enough to get our hands on a list of all the characters so far revealed for the game.

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Wolf8733644d ago

Heath's Joker as an alternate costume/appearance.

kg73103644d ago

Heath Ledger Joker comes out :D

LostChild3644d ago

based off what we know so far.

Batman vs Joker
Superman vs Lex/Bazaro
Flash vs Captain Cold
Shazam vs Black Adam
Catwoman vs Two Face or Wonderwoman vs Catwoman

Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung
Scorpion vs Subzero
Sonya vs Kano
Jax vs Cyrax/Sketor
Salina vs Barracka/Reptile

With others as DLC or unlockables

LostChild3644d ago

But Green Lantern is one of the other Superheros announced for MK vs DC