Wii becomes UK's fastest selling console

Nintendo and UK Chart bosses Chart Track have confirmed that the Nintendo Wii is now the UK's fastest ever selling console

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marcusfenix4382d ago

Wii is going to win this generation with the 360 in second and the ps3 in dead last.

TheMART4382d ago

I don't think so Marcus

The Wii is something like a hot seller, but fast cooling down.

I mean, because it's so cheap, many parents will buy it as a christmas present for their kids. But after holidays, the Wii sales will decline hard.

360 will stay much more stable. Are bought by people that earn their own money instead of holding up their hands with mam & dad. Which won't spend as much on the childeren as with christmas

DEIx15x84381d ago

I see the Wii taking over first in June if it continues at it's current pace. Most likely though (sales drop after christmas) we will see it take over first next christmas and it will remain there for a year till the gimmick wares off and everyone has one that wants one since no one is waiting for a price drop. The 360 will be cheaper by then and take back first where it will stay till the next generation. The PS3 will not be anywhere worth mentioning with first and second.

jacen10004381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

yea why is cheap and chearfull and fun and yes it gonna sell more than the rest for sure and im loving the wii mote it realy sets it apart from the others

PS360WII4381d ago

it's so cheap and affordable. Why dang it why! That's the only reason people buy it. Cuz they can afford it. Stupid people only buying what they can pay for. The games are cheaper too pssh what's that huh. Fun to play too. Man I can't believe they made games to play and not just watch the movies on it...
Yea so how is that a valid argument on the popularity of Nintendo Wii? Fun and cheap. Two words that mean alot in the video game world

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