Back from the dead - 5 franchises Microsoft should revive

Steve Clist suggests 5 franchises that could add something to the Xbox game portfolio and that he thinks deserve a second chance

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nicksetzer11256d ago

Totally agree with amped and viva pinata, those are both games that were great and hold a place that no other games are even attempting to fill.

Don't think with horizon (most of the same devs from PGR) that there needs to be another PGR, mech assault just isn't my kinda thing and halo wars was great, but not too worried about a sequel.

Abash1256d ago

They should just make a "Forza Gotham" game that is technically PGR5.

I would like a Blue Dragon 2 and Splosion Man 2 that goes full 3D

nicksetzer11256d ago

Blue dragon 2 would be a day 1 for me. Not even a question, that game was amazing. They pushed it out with no promotion or advertising and then whined that it didn't sell. Super sad to see such a great game just disappear.

freshslicepizza1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

1. lost odyssey
2. mechassault
3. halo wars
4. viva pinata
5. kameo
6. project gotham
7. age of empire
8. crimson skies

Farmassy1255d ago

I want another shadowrun FPS! That game was amazing

Dlacy13g1255d ago

MECHASSAULT would lead my list. I would also love if the did something like Mech Commander but used Halo Wars type controls.

jannytime1255d ago

Jade empire too!
Lots of great games for the original Xbox man

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Aceman181256d ago

If they brought back PGR, Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon I'd happily buy an X1. Until then I'll wait for the games that truly interest me.

d_g1256d ago

PGR was fantastic game

i hope someday microsoft will bring it back

OpieWinston1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I want Viva Pinata and Mech Assault back.

Mech Assault should be brought back after the success of Titanfall. Actually they should bring back another FASA studio to work on Mech combat games... Crimson Skies/Mech Assault.

Viva Pinata needs a bit of funding one of these days XD. Loved the game, loved the show. The show was a lovely thing for me to bond with my younger brother over.

Immorals1256d ago

Would love mech assault. Spent so much time messing around in the multiplayer!

dotwithshoes1256d ago

A new Halo Wars would be epic.

feelforlove1255d ago

"First party like Killzone, infamous, knack, lbp or the order? Titanfall was rated higher then them all so I don't know where youre getting your theories from dude. Gears is the best tps so I would die if they stopped it, halo is the best fps And forza is the best rated racer. Saying thats all Microsoft has is like me saying all sony has is uncharted, gt and gow."

Titanfall is third party "exclusive" playable on pc since day 1 and sequel is coming on PS4. Uncharted is best TPS - Uncharted 2 outscored and had more awards than any Gears of War game. Also new Gears of War without Epic Games. We saw how underwhelming E3 demo was. Halo was the best fps and without Bungie it isn't.

PS3 had better exclusives last gen - Uncharted 2, LBP and TLOU outscored every X360 exclusive, and this gen so far Bloodborne outscored every Xbox One exclusive.

JasonKCK1255d ago

feelforlove What does that have to do with this? Your comment is like looking at an iceberg in the desert.

1256d ago
RJ920091256d ago

Blinxs the time sweeper!!! And brute force!!

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