'80s Rockers: Where Are They Now?

Billy Idol, Joan Jett, The Go-Gos and other '80s rock staples are making a big comeback in a slew of Rock Band and Guitar Hero video games.

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Silogon3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Where's my Echo & the bunnymen!!!!! I'd buy an entire Rockband download of just their music. They were, perhaps, the best band to spawn in the 80's and are easily the inspiration for Ian McCulloch is easily Bono's muse when it comes to vocal inspiration.

Cause when u2 1st hit they were heavily influenced by punk and around Unforgettable fire they changed directions completely and I firmly believe it is because of Echo's industrial sound. So, in a sense, U2 owes their success and fame, since they had little before unforgettable fire, to Echo & the Bunnymen.

Simple and clean.