Boomtown Review: Wall.E.

Reviewed by James 'eVOLVE' Hamer-Morton:

"Far be it for me to point out the flaw in Wall.E's design. With probably hundreds working on the movie, further hundreds working on the game (maybe), and a tonne of people experiencing the whole lot of it, I'm surprised no-one caught this. So Wall.E is a robot, designed to crush rubbish into cubes, to tidy up the planet. If you've seen footage of this in action, he stuffs rubbish into his central unit, and it pops out a cube. Fantastic. Only that's not really crushing it, is it? If the cubes come out the exact size of the compartment, after being stuffed in there with obvious space, that's a hideously flawed design.

Let's just suspend disbelief for now, and get into the game, hoping that the main character's design isn't analogous to the overall game design."

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