PlayStation TV Hits All Time low Price on Amazon

PSInsider: The PlayStation TV has finally broken the $40 mark via Amazon. Today Amazon has listed the PSTV for only $38 with free shipping. For those that may not know, the PlayStation TV is capable of the following:

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illmatic1141d ago

$30 is not a bad price at all. Considering you can stream your PS4 games to another room and play most vita games on the big screen. SOLD!

FamilyGuy1140d ago

PS+ gives out two vita games a month, this is a great deal if you'd like to try any of those games out. The thing launched at $99 which wasn't bad to begin with but at $38 it's a steal for anyone that already has a controller.

DragoonsScaleLegends1141d ago

Yeah stream them at a lower resolution and with more latency. It does not play most Vita games either or support the small amount of apps the Vita has. Plus the memory card prices are still beyond belief. No real reason to get one of these instead of a Vita if you're even interested in this dying platform.

Nick_The_Slick1141d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't only a handful of games excluded, and not MOST of them??

Agent_00_Revan1140d ago

Lower resolution, yes. More latency, I haven't noticed any lag. I've even played games with QTEs without issue. It's a great little machine.

lemoncake1140d ago

Latency is good if you have a good network setup, picture quality is only downside they should have pushed for higher res. if you can pick one up cheap it's worth it though just for that ps4 streaming.

DEEBO1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I just got one for my kid and it has it's pros and cons but it's still a good buy for 38$.

and i had a 16gig memory card from my old vita.

uth111140d ago

If you live with other people and share the TV the ps4 is o the ability to remote play is a great feature, and this is so much cheaper than a Vita

PurpHerbison1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I have a VitaTV with 3 awesome games. Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice Delta, & Persona4Golden. I also plan to pick up Danganronpa soon. I got my VitaTV for $50 shipped with a brand new DS3. I personally do not enjoy playing on actual handhelds so this is a great alternative and all the games I want are compatible. I just don't see how you could possibly go wrong with this.

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Team_Litt1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Most people aren't sold on it.

FlexLuger1140d ago

I think it would be more successful if it could stream PS4 games without the need to own a PS4. PSTV is basically the entry level solution into PSNow. So they need to broaden PSTVs appeal by adding Ps4 games to PSNow ASAP. Most casuals who would be interested in this are not interested in old PS1,2 and 3 games.

Kalebninja1140d ago

@flex you're insane, sony is trying to sell a console, psnow was never meant to be for ps4 games so stop being greedy.

SilentNegotiator1140d ago

Obviously. It wouldn't be on sale for $38 otherwise.

FlexLuger1139d ago

@kalebninja. lol, what? "stop being greedy"?...I dont even own one of these things. From a business point of view it makes sense for them to put up to date games on the service. Long term they will find that not many people are interested in renting old games outside of a very small dedicated base of loyal PS fans. For jhonny casual they need to bring up to date games on the service. lower the price of entry to play the likes of UC. Thats good for gamers. options. Maybe there are people that cannot afford a PS4 but love PS games. PS4 games on PSNow, gets those games in to more peoples hands. I dont see how thats greedy when you still have to pay a sub to PSNow or rental fees. sony still gets the money.

I think you guys are disagreeing because you dont like the idea of people being able to play PS4 games without the need for the console. This is where the industry is going. Are you really naive enough to think that in time PSnow wont have PS4 games released same day as it is for the console? Why do you think PSnow exists....its purpose is to give access to playstation games catolugue via PSTV smart TVs and other devices like tablets. ?Its inevitable, no matter how furiously you slam that mouse button on the disagree tab.

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vongruetz1140d ago

At this price point it's worth it for PS4 owners just to have way to access all the PS1 and PSP games, let alone all the Vita titles.

1140d ago
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DualWielding1141d ago

why can't the damn memory cards drop like that

illmatic1141d ago

I know right. I feel this is one of the main reasons why the vita isnt selling so hot. If Sony were to drop the price of the cards to a cheaper price, these vitas would probably do pretty well.

Chupa-Chupa1141d ago

Couldn't agree more. That 32GB needs to come down to $24.99 and the 64GB to $39.99

ABizzel11140d ago

No $25, but better than $100

SMH, memory cards cost more than the system.

They should really start bundling these in with the PS4 at this point.

dark-kyon1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Damm americans have soo goods deals,i want one,but in my country they only sell at 180 dolars and never bring more after what was sold out,but today is a great day,we send back at messi and company back at argentina with the empty hands.

KimikoGaming1141d ago

Import... They are region free...

dark-kyon1140d ago

Have to wait a month to get a psvtv and pay $80 to $100 dolars isn't worth,my psvita is more what enough for now.also if the system gave problems i have to wait more months to send to warranty.

Nick_The_Slick1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Well then, it's a good thing that Amazon isn't limited to just the United States...

So what the hell is stopping you from buying one right now?

BVFTW1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

But those import rates will put the system at 180$ as well? because at that price point of 38$ I hardly believe so.

LilMassacre1141d ago

I ordered a playstationtv on best buys website for $40 on thursday and I think WalMart also has it listed as clearance for $40. I wonder if retail stores are gonna keep stocking the playstation tv.

Agent_00_Revan1140d ago

They've been having these big sales for a while. Last month Walmart had the bundle edition which included the PStv, a dual sick 3, 8gb memory card, digital code for The Lego Movie & Sly Cooper all for $68.

I bought one and sold the DS3 for $25 because I didn't need another one. Sweet deal!

Ickythump311141d ago

sweet.. I'll take it at that price

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