Top 25 Xbox Games

Microsoft's first console packed plenty of power; here are the Xbox's 25 best games.

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La Chance3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

and Shenmue 2

PoSTedUP3592d ago

the list is alright.....

what about Doom??? and i personally thought Fusionfrenzy was one of the greater games.

IMO GTA III was the best one. its was on of the illest Mafia games.

i agree with most of them though.

San anto3592d ago

What?!?! xbox released 25 games??? wdf u learn somethin new everyday

tatotiburon3592d ago

you will be equal surprise when you see top 25 PS3 games

Spydiggity3591d ago

agreed tiburon. way to stick it to the fanboys

LiquidRex3592d ago

Glad to see kotor get the respect it deserves. It was by far the best storyline experience available for the original X-box.

Dr Pepper3592d ago

I agree. In fact, I still play the game to this day.

Harry1903592d ago

Why is Chronicles of Riddick not in the top 3?
It was the Saving Grace of buying this console for me.

Escape From Butcher Bay is simply an amazing game.

jack who3592d ago

midtown madness 3 not on the list = failled

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The story is too old to be commented.