Why I Hate Robocop for NES

We all know there are a ton of bad games on the NES, but some of them are bad due to just how disappointing they are. In the latest episode of Why I Hate, Shawn explains why he hates Robocop for NES.

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sAVAge_bEaST988d ago

one of the first movie tie-ins, /Money Grabs.

-this game sucked, agreed- good thing we had rental shops every where in the 80's

3-4-5988d ago

I had it back in the day and liked it but it was difficult.

Game Genie changed that.

Robocop 3 for SNES was way more difficult though, and had just way too many splatterpunks on the screen shooting at you for it to be considered anywhere near fun.

Whymii988d ago

I think ET on the 2600 gets the money grab crown.

Toolster988d ago

Who the hell is Peter Murphy??? He's such a fan of Robocop he doesn't even know it's Alex Murphy! Played by PETER Weller, numpty

RSKnight988d ago

Dude, thanks for the video, it seems the game is not fun. I was about to buy this game tomorrow, you just saved me 50 bucks.

Smokingunz988d ago

Opinions opinions!this game was both fun and hard.

Tzuno988d ago

Game was fun and hard as hell but on the last stage i found a way to farm that big sniper gun over and over to use it against the last robot, hehehh "ded" on arrival.

vikingland1988d ago

My nephew loved this game back in the day. It's the game he would ask to play every time he came over to my house. It was an ok game but I had better games back then. But for some reason he loved to play robo cop. Damn I'm old.

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The story is too old to be commented.