When Can We Expect Gran Turismo 7?

PS4News: "It’s more-or-less impossible to think of a better racing-sim videogame series. There’s no doubting, GT7 will be a gem, and truly worth the wait."

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PoSTedUP1114d ago

i just *****ng drooled.... ; D.

_-EDMIX-_1113d ago

DAT CAR RPG DOE! I agree, I think they might aim for 2000!

Dee_911113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Only way that'll happen is if they outsourced car modeling to a 3rd party like Turn 10 does with forza, or they've hired more staff because as it stands, the team is very small.

Another pointless speculation on Gran Turismo article with no real info.Sony and PD always keep quiet about GT even after it releases.They just go on a PR campaign for a few months prior to release, then drop off the face of the earth.They are horrible at communicating with their consumers, and the language barrier doesn't help.Being crappy at communicating with their fans doesn't equate to it being "something special".
I'm tired of speculation, I want real news.We already know they have been working on a new gt, just give us something Sony/PD!

Rookie_Monster1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Shoot, if you are right then it may be at the end of the PS4 lifecycle before we see the game.

GT5 has like 1000 cars, but 80% of the cars use PS2 assets. And still, look how long it took for it to be released on PS3?

Seriously, Sony should just release 200-300 premium cars for GT7 and try to get it out ASAP. I mean do we really need 20 different versions of the same Nissan Skyline? The longer they wait, the longer people will be impatient and give MS and it's Forza Motorsport series a huge advantage for racing games. People can only wait so long. I know as a HUGE GT fans myself, it is kind of depressing waiting all this time for the game you want to see.

Loktai1113d ago

Theres a GT6 you know, with more cars, still released before the end of the PS3 Lifecycle?

Crimzon1113d ago

If they start cramming the game full of standard cars and tracks again, then I'm done with the series because having PS2/PS3 content in a PS4 game would be disgraceful. I would much rather see a significantly lower car count of 300-400 cars that are all high quality, than a mish-mash of content from multiple console generations. This goes for tracks as well as cars, it was painful to see how bad tracks like Deep Forest, Laguna Seca and Trial Mountain looked in GT5/GT6.

Hopefully the disappointing sales of GT6 sent a very clear message to Sony and Polyphony Digital, because despite GT5 selling well, it looks like it caused significant damage to the GT brand considering how poorly GT6 sold. Hopefully that's the shock that they needed to get their act together and deliver a consistent game this time.

I really feel like Kazunori Yamauchi has just completely lost his way with the Gran Turismo games and didn't really know what he was doing during the last console generation. I want the fun and thrills to return to the franchise.

ChronoJoe1113d ago

There are 410 premium cars in Gran Turismo 6, and 1200 cars in total.

Forza 5 featured 200 cars.

The premium models they have are more than suitable for next gen, if I recall they're 300,000 poly or so models, so they need only add to the existing, 410 premium vehicles.

It would be nice to see GT7 with 600-800 premium cars, more than doubling all of its competition. I think when they get close to 1000 premium vehicles, it will be time to do away with the standard models.

LifeInNZ1113d ago

Yes, GT6...a clear cash grab if ever I've seen one. I hope GT7 takes as long as it needs to be ready. I also hope for a revamped track editor where we can create circuits based on their real world counterparts. Full damage on every car would be great also.

One thing I really hope for more plastic tape barriers that can deflect a car. Let me slide off and hit a wall or end up in a field because of my poor driving. Dont bounce me back onto the course!

_-EDMIX-_1113d ago

@Crimzon- "Hopefully the disappointing sales of GT6 sent a very clear message to Sony and Polyphony Digital"

The second GT always sells a bit less then the first due to the install base shifting. Many second GT's come around the ending of the consoles life, many times folks might have bought their consoles with the first GT of that gen.

I don't think Sony nor PD are disappointed with sales of GT6 as GT6 likely cost them less to make then GT5 based on the making of GT5's engine.

I'm sorry, but when GT5 can sell up to the damn install base of the entire Forza series, I doubt they care about the sales of the second GT's during those gens.

They made profit so its all they care, for all we know, they are making MORE money on that second entry due to less cost on making a new engine and all.

Sorry bud, GT7 is already on track to likely sell more then even GT3 ,expect GT7 like GT5 to sell more then the whole install base of Forza....again LOL!

I mean bud, say what you want about GT, 10 million gamers say otherwise.

Mind you, GT6 is way better then GT5. They can't control gamers that don't return for a second GT, many gamers feel ok with just 1 GT per gen. Only the hardcore get both every gen.

300 cars? LMFAO! Nope bud, GT will destroy with a HUGE list of cars likely in the low thousands.

Crimzon1113d ago


Well, I couldn't care less about Forza since I'm PlayStation-only, so rambling about their sales to me doesn't really count for much I'm afraid. But we do know that GT6 was the worst selling game in the entire franchise and sold about 80% less than GT5 so yeah, it's safe to say that GT5 caused huge damage to the franchise. The second GT game of each console generation always sells less than the first, that's true, but GT6 just completely nosedived which was a surprise to everyone I think. The first week/month of sales were disastrous.

So yeah, I'm hoping that they took note of why GT suddenly bombed in sales and sold poorly and realize that the fans want and deserve much better. But sure, if you'd rather have a few thousand standard cars than a consistently quality product then uh, keep waving that fanboy flag and whining about Forza I guess? I just want a good GT game.

Rookie_Monster1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Well said Crimzon!


Nice essay!! The main ideas I got out of your little piece is that:

1. All you care is sales profit for Sony and making sure it outsell the competition.

2. 1 game for the entire generation is enough and willing to wait for the developer as long as it takes..aka TLG style.

3. You don't care about quality of the cars and will be happy if they recycle old assets to have more car counts than the competition.

Hey, different strokes for different folks I guess. me as a gamer, I want to play games as soon as I can....hey but it is just me. :)

MasterCornholio1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

"The longer they wait, the longer people will be impatient and give MS and it's Forza Motorsport series a huge advantage for racing games. People can only wait so long."

I don't think people will sell their PS4s just to play Forza especially with games like Project Cars available to them.


morganfell1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Fall 2016 is a very likely date, though they could bump it up to summer 2016. TGS will give us a very good idea when the king will arrive.

Recent Interview

"When asked by reporters about the chances that GT7 will be released 2017, Yamauchi said that "people will not wait so much" and added that "we are talking about Gran Turismo, we must not wait so long."

Naga1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

@ MasterCornholio

"I don't think people will sell their PS4s just to play Forza especially with games like Project Cars available to them."

Well, if I lived in a world where the Xbox One didn't have Forza Motorsport available, and the Playstation 4 did have Gran Turismo, I would be buying a PS4 right now to play it. I can't imagine I'm the only gaming gearhead who thinks this way.

rainslacker1113d ago

Sorry...does GT force you to use those standard cars? Can't you just stick with the numerous premium cars if that's what you care about? If GT has more premium cars than most other racers have total available cars, then what exactly is there to complain about if they just happen to throw in another thousand or so standard cars that some people may like to play with as well?

Rookie_Monster1113d ago


You missed my point. I was responding to post #1 byDxTrixterz.

He said "2000 cars all premium."

And I said if that was then plan, then we will not see GT7 for a long long time and would rather them concentrate on a few hundreds and get it release much sooner.

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Nick_The_Slick1113d ago

2000 premium cars, huh? I see we're in la-la wish land...

Loktai1114d ago

I will probably call in when this comes out...

KingPin1113d ago

i expect it to come out when its done.

FoxyGotGame1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

I hope Polyphony just go 100% Premium and forgo PS3 retouched Cars. I would be more than satisfied with approx. 500 - 1'000 (PS4 Quality) vehicles if it means no delays.

GT3/4 is still the best in its class for the hardware of the time. Although for me, GT5/6 was a slight step back. The Gran Turismo series is my favorite Racing/Driving Sim of all time. Looking forward to GT 7 immensely!

sprinterboy1113d ago

GT7 release date will be April/may 2016 with project morpheus bundle

nX1113d ago

Holiday 2016 more likely.

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