Star Wars: Battlefront Devs Talk Alpha Testing and Mission Replay Value; Promise “Cool Reveals”

Star Wars: Bettlefront‘s alpha testing is currently undergoing, and the game’s developers have been talking about it and more.

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REDGUM1021d ago

Ok, so there's no single player mode. For me that's a let down but not a total disapointment by any means. Having said that, if we are stuck to MP and CO-OP modes only, here's a question as you talked about it in the interview...... How long does that CO-OP mission go for then?

If it's a decent length then fantastic, if it's a 5 min play through then huh?

WillGuitarGuy1021d ago

I played the co-op at E3. The set number of rounds for the demo was six and it lasted quite a while. I was told that the number of rounds for co-op on the retail version would be double that of the demo.

finbars751021d ago

From what I have played of the closed alpha beta its been a great experience. The single player Co-op is awesome and hopefully the Sp co-op will be long(more then 5 mins from what I played) and I am sure they will keep adding more and more missions after its release. The MP is just straight up chaotic and a hell of a lot of fun. Does it play like Battlefield absolutely not. It feel like a Star Wars game in every way. They really nailed this game and that was just from the Alpha. The game mode they gave us is really fun and made it very evened out teams so nobody really has the upper hand. Working as a team is really important in this game because before you know it it could be all over just like that. The games where about 25-40 mins long all depends how your team defends our attacks. Look forward to more betas. It is safe to say that Dice really put a lot of effort in this game and that it will deliver as promised. Thank you Dice for the closed Beta.

venom061021d ago

I can confirm this 100%.... If the actual game is ANYWHERE as smooth and fun as the Alpha, we're going to be in for a treat come November..

SirBillyBones1020d ago

Its a shame a lot of us testers havent been able to access the feedback forum! There are many things that need to be addressed and there's no way to get that info through to DICE as EA have managed to screw up the website.

NerveGearneeded1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

"who would get the best time on the Tatooine Mission that was shown on E3, and we have been playing that Mission over and over and over. It is really fun, changing your tactics slightly every time and trying new ways, especially when you start to compare round time with your friends and colleagues."

replay to get better times is stupid, i dont care about completing something faster than someone. probably means co-op is going to have few maps like in BF3 co-op. but hey, times!

REDGUM1021d ago

This is kind'a what i meant. Fingers crossed i'm wrong with my thinking .

SirBillyBones1020d ago

Alpha tester here. The 'mission' we had to play was essentially wave based horde mode in a small area. Waves of Storm Troopers attack and you have to kill them. A couple of times some supply pods are dropped which you have to defend. The whole thing lasted a few minutes and was very easy. At the end it just tells you your time and thats it.

The final version might very well be different, but the Alpha version was very underwhelming.

WizzroSupreme1020d ago

Sure hope Admiral Ackbar is playable.