PS Store Documents Reveal Journey’s PS4 Release Date

The critically acclaimed indie game Journey, developed by Thatgamecompany, has its release date revealed according to a screenshot of the game’s PS Store Docs.

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Relientk771142d ago

Sweet, can't wait to play this on PS4

Mostafeto1142d ago

Agreed I was so excited while writing this haha

Rimeskeem1142d ago

Never got to play it because I thought it was one of those niche games that would be boring.

Back then I think I was also more of an idiot.

Whymii1142d ago

You were, but I'm envious of you getting to experience it for the first time.

joab7771142d ago

I've held off for so long waiting for this version.

rezzah1142d ago

The game is really great and unique. I've beaten it over 15 times. It is short but when you play with others online, it's simple and different. Plus the soundtrack is amazing.

I will easily buy this again if it is not given to me for free (since I bought the original).

Doodleburger1141d ago

Back then you were intelligent. Don't be an idiot and waste your money on this.

Revengeance1141d ago

Don't listen to close-minded people like Doodleburger. It is a a GREAT game and deserves all the awards it's gotten. You'll enjoy yourself.

Yi-Long1141d ago

I'd call it more an 'experience' than a game, but it's absolutely great, and I can't wait to enjoy it again.

It was already announced to be cross-buy, so if you already bought the PS3 version, the PS4 version will be 'free'.

Mostafeto1141d ago

Are you actually serious Doodleburger ? You think that if you buy this you are wasting your money ? I just think that you are one of those guys who always wants major titles and AAA games released everyday. There is a lot more to gaming than just graphics and how many frames per second the game will run at. Gaming is about the experience it lets you live and the fun you have playing them

TWB1141d ago

For first experience, I suggest unplugging yourself from the internet so you dont connect to other players, next playthrough play online. Its a very different experience, both good in their own ways.

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oasdada1142d ago

I was so bummed i missed this on ps3.. thank god it returned!

ifistbrowni1142d ago

day 1 for me. It's a god damn shame I had the ending spoiled by Brian Altano (IGN) during one of their podcasts...

Still, can't wait. Hope the release date is true.

Yahdaree1142d ago

Awesome, finally! Been dying to play this.

Irishguy951141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Eh I woke up one morning with a hangover(I am irish) and experience this masterpiece. Hard to describe why its so good. It ain't for everyone but dammit it was for me.

3-4-51141d ago

Never got to play this, seems like an interesting gaming experience.

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GarrusVakarian1142d ago

I didn't play this on PS4 so I'm looking forward to the PS4 release.

oasdada1142d ago

There guy here is trying to tell u there's a mistake in ur comment.. read it again sir :)

GarrusVakarian1141d ago

I'm an AI. AIs don't make mistakes.

Irishguy951141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

He made no mistake...

edit -
weh so many people failed....What is this place!?

MegaRay1142d ago

Of course you didnt play it on PS4...

MasterCornholio1142d ago

None of us played it on PS4.


Revengeance1141d ago

I played it on PS4 so I'm looking forward to the PS4 release.


CDzNutts1141d ago

We know. No one has played this on PS4. Hence the article.

uth111141d ago

Wow, I misread your comment and thought you said you didn't play it on the PS3 :)

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Lou-Cipher1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

My favorite game last Gen. Bought the soundtrack when it released as well.

Would be cool if they added a few extra easter eggs for the new version. (Maybe an Abzu Easter egg for the PS4 Version)


A complete new stage to Journey through. :) Yes, im being greedy.

Mostafeto1141d ago

Haha I would totally buy the soundtrack alone like you did. This game is great in terms of music and gameplay. It will be my first time playing it when it comes out on PS4 tho.

nucky641142d ago

I loved journey - I'll pick it up as soon as it's out.

njitram20001142d ago

It'll be cross-sell so no need to buy it.

nucky641142d ago

yea - I've heard that. thanks for the reminder, though.

Lonnie181142d ago

July 21st is the release date for those who don't want to read the article.

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