Xbox’s Phil Spencer Praises Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida; Talks Gang Beasts on Consoles, Minecon and More

Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer was at Minecon today, and he posted a few of his pictures in one of his usual Twitter sprees, also talking about the games he saw and directing some praise towards Sony's Shuhei Yoshida.

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Genuine-User1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I appreciate what Phil said a few hours ago; "I think our industry is better when more people who made decisions on games play them as well. Shuhei Yoshida is one of those people"

remixx1161263d ago

Definitely so, I feel like gamers are better at making decisions for gamers than dollar eyed business men....

Phil and Yoshi are business men of course but I don't believe they are willing to corrupt their hobby for the sake of business.

Genuine-User1263d ago

I agree. Good to see gamer-centric leadership for PlayStation and Xbox.

Pogmathoin1263d ago

Yet 2 people disagree so far..... Take a cue from these guys..... Appreciate the industry we have, let it mature, end the juvenile fanboy rubbish....

Septic1263d ago

Ha Yosp should take on Phil's proposal and play Mario Kart head to head. Would be fun to watch. Oh and make them eat hot chillies too.

ShinMaster1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Please don't tell me Minecon is what I think it is.

[edit] Oh god, it is.

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3-4-51263d ago

* I agree, if you aren't a gamer yourself, you should be an "idea person" within the industry.

Just a money person.

JWiLL5521263d ago

Not only does Shu play games, he's awesome at them. That Bloodborne gameplay clip of his was quite impressive.

remixx1161263d ago

These guys are awesome.....I wish the fanboys of each respective company could act a little more like them......

.........oh well who need civility........ ASSIMILATE!!!!

I like video games.

oasdada1263d ago

You know what my dream is? to see a joint project between Sony and MS.. that woud be both AWESOME and a message to all those fanboys that both brands have a prominent role in the gaming community

OB1Biker1263d ago

With a cross platform MP would be awesome

RJ920091263d ago

Hardware by Sony software by ms! Best of both worlds on one system but sadly we would need another company in the market so it won't go unbalanced!

1263d ago
RJ920091263d ago

Me two sony and ms would be the dream team!! Great online with great hardware and the games would be amazing!!!

OldDude1263d ago

They already have, it's called a PC. If they can get alon on that they could find a way for joint ventures on other projects.

RJ920091263d ago

No pc is not the same and it won't ever be the same I game on pc so don't get me wrong I play everything but no just no you pc fanboys are look at that fanboys!!! Pc is a pc yes it can play games but it's still a pc.. God what don't you pc fans get about and ms system would be amazing. Any fan of gaming would know that would be the system to own..

madpuppy1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

YEAH! if they built a console together, We could get rid of all this dirty "Competition" that drives the equally bizarre "innovation" and keeps prices down. Sony and MS together could pick ANY price they want for this joint venture console, 599.00, 699.00, 799.00! sky's the limit!
And think of all the wonderful games, with MS and Sony not competing against each other they wouldn't have to worry about graphics or gameplay all that much anymore, matter of fact they could make any kind of game and charge anything they want for it! Matter of fact (AGAIN!), They could shutter all their first party studios and triple what they charge publishers to make games on this new, Wonderful console!! Just think of all those 80.00 to 100.00 dollar games from Activision and EA to compensate for the fee!!! good times indeed!!


MasterCornholio1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Software by Microsoft?

I would actually miss NaughtyDog games.

Or are you talking about the OS?

I'm actually quite happy with the PS4s UI and wouldn't change it for the X1s.

This is all just my opinion though.

RJ920091261d ago

I'm talking about ms doing the os and that's why I said there would need to be another system maker out there so it won't get like that do you even read I said that a few post a head of this ..

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chadwarden1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Phil is so fake lmao. I can't believe people can't see through the smoke and mirrors of good PR rebuilding.

MegaRay1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

You cant tell fake from real on the internet. You could be fake for all we know :D

MegaRay1263d ago

@XiKurapikaKurta I am real, dunno about chadwarden tho. I am still investigation.

raggy-rocket1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Lemme guess though, shu is so genuine and nice cus he has that cute little smile. He's so trustworthy. How could anyone look like that and be fake right?

Moron, they're both wonderful people with nothing but good to offer the industry

Edit: Equal agree to disagree amoun on the 'phil is fake' comment. Wow people love to hate to validate themselves

chadwarden1263d ago

keep drinkin the kool aid buddy

remixx1161263d ago

Dude give it up........let's stupid be stupid......its obvious by his reformation of the Xbox division that he is hella genuine...

Then you have guys like chad who refuse to believe anything else.

raggy-rocket1263d ago

I wouldn't mind your opinion if it weren't so blatantly misguided. I've been following both for a long time in gaming, which means long before phil became head. I don't know what your definition of 'fake' is, but if it's about him being a gamer, I follow him and see him frequently playing games. Oh but I forgot, it's all a PR stunt. He's playing against his will for the cameras. Gotcha *wink wink*

beans1263d ago

Kool-aid....really? Dude seriously get a life. Maybe it's you who is drinking it. These guys are both doing great things regardless of what you think deep down being fake or real! I can't wait for the day when guys like you are hunted down online and blocked from the Internet for spreading hate.

SoapShoes1263d ago

@raggy-rocket well I wouldn't say he isn't a gamer but his whole persona seems fake to me. I'm sure he loves and plays games but his whole image seems to be put on him by higher ups to repair the damage that was done. I mean he was a big supporter of the One's original vision after all and now he is the guy who came in and saved Xbox from that? Give me a break! But I am not saying he is not genuine in wanting Xbox to succeed.

Pogmathoin1263d ago

Have to laugh.... Do they expect him to diss his own business?

raggy-rocket1263d ago

He may have supported One's original vision, but it's unlikely given how quick he was to abandon previous decisions. And if you mean his persona is admitting they made mistakes and making ruthless efforts to make it up to xbox fans, then that's not a terrible persona

People saying he's fake would be considered reasonable by me if they knew what 'fake' meant. He plays games and loves them obviously, he doesn't fake that, he knows they made mistakes and will listen more next time, that's proven by what he's done to address every criticism. He was head of first party studios, not making the box.

Why can't people accept that Shu and Phil are just two really good guys who care about games without trying to belittle them for the sake of validating their own bias.

IamTylerDurden11263d ago

U do realize phil is only at Minecon bc of business right? Not like he went to some small gaming convention and was incognito, ms owns Minecraft, he was blatantly promoting Cobalt (an xbox game). They had hololens and xbox games there, this was basically a ms show, let's understand why phil was there.

The part i didn't like is that he mentions Gang Beasts and u think "wow that's pretty genuine for him to mention a game that's coming to PS4", then u read the caption that explains how Phil mentioned that he was talking to the developers and obviously trying to get Gang Beasts on xbone. So not so genuine, he obviously has motives, which is fine but let's be realistic please, he was promoting Minecon and mentioning Gang Beasts, Cobalt ect for reasons other than simply being a "hardcore gamer".

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loopygames1263d ago

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

medman1263d ago

Keep your friends close....and your enemies in a coffin.

Lennoxb631263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Whoever made that quote was not a very wise man/woman. I know it sounds deep and all, but in my life experiences it would be a very stupid thing to do.

Pogmathoin1263d ago

Chad, as lame as your comment, the people agreeing with you is indicative of what is wrong with the immature fanboy image our favourite form of entertainment suffers from.

meanthyme1263d ago

The disagrees to that reasonable statement is a sad indictment of this sad site, although I will admit, I frequent n4g just to see what fresh lunacy breaks out in the comments, pitiful thing is, some of these brainwaves are legally classed as adults and as such can operate a motorised vehicle.unbelievable.

Pogmathoin1263d ago

Yeah, comments are class, sometimes wonder what the drugs are, some classic laughs....

meanthyme1263d ago

Says Chad warden, a random non entity. Well done you.

memots1263d ago

But he wears a limbo T-shirt ...

Silly gameAr1263d ago

Limbo T-shirt?! Well that man's legit. Let him pass.

OldDude1263d ago


Are you really Caitlyn Jenner?

Khajiit861263d ago

Not sure what to believe. He seems genuine but then I see the company he works for and find it hard to trust him... I really hope hes truly leading Xbox in a new direction. Well see.

Leaguer1262d ago

well the xbone kiddies actually believed that spencer is THEIR savior, disregarding the fact that he was also involved in how the xbone was first designed. you know, the always online and drm crap. thats how gullible these kiddies are....but yeah, whatever keeps them happy before they sleep at night...go phil!

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raggy-rocket1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I have so much respect for these two people. I just wish everyone could really appreciate the other console than the one they prefer. This appreciation just gives you a more positive outlook on gaming instead of bitter jealousy and you stop becoming a nitpicking fanboy too. I love PS and XB right now and I've never been happier about the state of gaming than I am right now (excluding nitpickings about things like resolution and overpriced dlc, but that's a post for another day ;) )

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