How Sony Managed to Keep The Last Guardian's PS4 Announcement a Secret Until the Last Moment at E3

The Last Guardian‘s PS4 re-announcement during PlayStation’s E3 conference this year surprised many, but there was one element that could have spilled the beans just minutes before, dampening the impact of that trailer at the very beginning of the show.

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TheGreatGamer1256d ago

The Guardian actually leaked this and I think we all knew it was coming at some point but I definitely don't think they 'kept it a secret' because there wasn't anything really too secret about it. We've pretty much knew it changed from PS3 to PS4 so it was just a matter of time before it was re-annoucned

Abriael1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

That's not a leak. Someone saying it's gonna come happened every year since 2010. They didn't bring any evidence whatsoever and they even listed a game (Zelda) that everyone already knew wouldn't be there.

Rookie_Monster1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Wait, wasn't Abriael of Dualshockers the one that leaked the news that TLG was going to be released on PS4, dating back to last year with trusted sources?
Dualshockers: Sony Japan Studios debuting two, maybe even three titles. Project Beast – spiritual successor to Demon Souls. "The other is The Last Guardian. Retooled for PS4"

Com on, you guys should give yourself some credit for the leaked even if it was a year late. :)

TwoForce1255d ago Show
Angeljuice1255d ago

Q: How did they keep it a secret?
A: By not telling anybody.

neocores1256d ago

Was never a secret was common sense.
After all the outcrys that it was cancelled they had to show something

freshslicepizza1256d ago

exactly. there was too much pressure on sony to cancel the game and the early success of the ps4 made it common sense to get it on that system.

WizzroSupreme1256d ago

They were sure better off for it. Biggest pleasant surprise of this generation's E3s yet.

uth111256d ago

Everybody expected it every year, not much of a surprise lol

Spotie1256d ago

Everyone HOPED for it. We stopped actually expecting it years ago.

ilikepizza1256d ago

Actually wasn't a secret at all and also considering they they upscaled some ps3 gameplay it's not like it took much or was some epic reveal. It's literally the same exact stage from e3 2009. If it was a totally different level and showed stuff not seen in a trailer from 6 yrs ago I would color it legit. Dont be surprised if delayed to first quarter 2017.

DanteVFenris6661256d ago

That wasn't even close to what we saw 6 years ago. And the graphics alone are far better than the PS3 could handle. Did you see how many feathers were moving realistically? That's gotta be a couple hundred objects moving at once through some physics equation. Definatley pretty taxing, plus the creature itself looks amazing.

lemoncake1255d ago

I don't know how realistic that movement was, it's hard to say considering how there wasn't a lot of other things moving in the scene to determine if there was supposed to be wind, just a few tufts of grass permanent shaking and no trees swaying or anything. When the creature moved they just seemed to shake randomly, and randomly shake when standing still.

The monster looked nice, but damn that boy model wouldn't have looked too far out of place in a ps2 game never mind a PS3 or ps4, it was verging on being just one block of colour. Then you have the actual environment which looks almost identical to the PS3 reveal with the same extremely low draw distance and just higher res textures.

Unless there is some serious ai work going on here with the monster actually learning, developing and solving things on its own and not just scripted sections and simple head following movements I really don't see how this game could be considered taxing for the ps4 console. Seems like they should have given the PS3 some love and released it on their also.

DanteVFenris6661255d ago

@lenon cake the graphics of the kid are not bad(face palm). It is a artistic deseign to make him look more cartoony kinda looks like avatar. Also cartoony does not equal bad graphics. He was out of place with the rest of the artistic design, but it made him stand out and I liked it.

Also doesn't matter if the feathers are moving randomly. That's still a couple hundred objects moving. Also that type of AI doesn't exist in any game. Play a PS3 game. I haven't played a single game on that machine that looked as good as last guardian.

lemoncake1255d ago

@dante you really think this is graphically better than something like the last of us or GTA 5? I guess we just got to agree to totally disagree.

ilikepizza1255d ago

lemon cake youre correct,the developer just came out and said basically "this game could of ran on ps3"


DanteVFenris6661255d ago

Yes they said it could with sacrifices from their vision...

Like I could make elderscrolls 6 run on a ps1 just a lot of sacrifices to the vision. Maybe Id even have to make it sprite based

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