IGN's Report: MK vs DC Gets New Characters, Art & Video from Comic Con

If there's one thing Midway knows how to capitalize on, it's timing. Just a week after The Dark Knight and the darkest Joker ever blew the doors off every movie theater in the known universe, Midway announced that Mr. J will be coming to Mortal Kombat vs. the DC Universe.

The news came during a San Diego Comic-Con panel about MK vs. DC featuring Jimmy Palmiotti, an accomplished comic book scribe who is behind the story for the game, and Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon. The two traded stories about how the game came to be (originally it started with the idea of just having Batman in the game) as well as explaining how Superman can fight people and not just dominate (he's vulnerable to magic, people).

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MK_Red3710d ago

Not so happy about Jax and Kitana. I love MK but kinda hate these too. Kool info and vid.

MK_Red3710d ago

True but the best part is the return of John Tobias.

panasonic233710d ago

all this game need is bane and darkside, doomdays

MK_Red3710d ago

I don't think Bane can make it (Too many Batman Villains) but Doomsday has to be there.