This Star Fox Screenshot Will Blow Your Mind

N247 writes: Quite honestly, Nintendo’s E3 2015 reveal of Star Fox Zero for the Wii U left a lot to desire. While the game looked nice, it’s nothing close to what we anticipated the game would look like , especially considering the fact that the game is being co-developed by PlatinumGames, known for their fast actioned top notch graphic quality games such as the Bayonetta series.

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Naga1022d ago

It's a shame it's not real.

Iceman_Nightmare1021d ago

Wii U couldnt handle these graphics, and if NX is weaker than the PS4 the same story will repeat. Lack of third parties support. and the console will die just like Wii U

Peace_Love_and_FPS1021d ago

NX is "supposedly" weaker. According to an insider. Suuuuuuuuuuure.

If it's true then Nintendo has lost their minds

Kingthrash3601021d ago

Can't see why it would be a suprize if it were weaker...they did just make the wiiu, and the wii before that, and the GameCube before that all under powered systems. Nintendo has already lost their minds...we are hoping they snap out of it at this point

jholden32491021d ago


There will be a lack of third-party support regardless of power. The reason they didn't care about making a powerful system is because they knew the third parties wouldn't bring their games anyways, because NO ONE BUYS THEM.

And I'm sure the console will die, but not before 5 good years on the market and an armada of great games to play

ShinMaster1021d ago

The Wii U is just as powerful, if not more powerful than, PS3/360.

That said, this is NOT a screenshot. It's fake.

LOL_WUT1021d ago

Sweet screenshot now thats what Nintendo should've aimed for. I'm all for nostalgia but to purposely downgrade your game (StarFox zero) is mind boggling ;)

GhostTurtle1021d ago


GC underpowered? lmao

FamilyGuy1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

The site is pathetic, they really just made a story off of a single, fan-created, picture of a game? How pointless is this? This is spam

Sono4211021d ago

@KingThrash uhhhh I think you're confused? Gamecube was the strongest system that gen...

DC7771021d ago

Not good enough for what Wii U can handle. If you disagree you never owned Need For Speed or AC3 or 4 on Wii U.

Shame on Nintendo for that N64 trash they showed at e3.

alabtrosMyster1021d ago

@jholden3249 a lot of people seem to repeat the same line of argumentsyou do:

1 - There is no point in Nintendo making a powerful console (the first Wii did great!!) they just need the right gimmick...

2 - Third parties just hate Nintendo and will never do business with them because reasons...

1 - Strong(ish) hardware would bring in third parties , this is a Nintendo console, many will at the very least test the waters if there is a bit install base, especially if it proves able to attract some "core" gamers... which comes with the strong hardware!

2 - See the first response, it all goes in together, third parties did release games early on the Wii U, even some "AAA" ports, however because the hardware is shitty it performed worse than the old consoles... this discouraged me and many from buying Nintendo hardware, nobody wanted worse versions of existing games + a new Mario game...

What happened is pretty clear, this is not a conspiracy against Nintendo, the Wii U is just a badly designed system.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1022d ago

Did they really just say they expected the game to look as good as the Bayonetta series when that game doesn't look amazing either lol. Star Fox looks just as good as Bayonetta on Wii U. Of course it just looks like a Xbox 360 or PS3 game as far as graphics if we are talking about the scenery but what do you expect? That screenshot looks like a PC game. Actually it doesn't even look like video game graphics just nice artwork which is what it is.

Metallox1022d ago

"Star Fox looks just as good as Bayonetta on Wii U".

No, the difference here is that Bayonetta has impressive aesthetics, especially the sequel.


What is this, anyway? It looks like a simple polygon that attacks the player, it's so uninspired.

Same for the enemies:

And, well, like I said, Bayonetta 2 at least looks good to the eye, doesn't matter if its graphics aren't impressive.

deathtok1021d ago

It's not that much effort to click the link, you know.

GamingTruth1021d ago

what pc game? you pc nerds love saying crap like that, when theres nothing on your precious pcs that look like any of these exclusives from other platforms

ShinMaster1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

Are you saying the Star Fox with Bayonetta 2 visuals doesn't look any better than what they showed this E3?

Bayonetta 2 Star Fox easter egg:

The problem is that Zero doesn't even look as good as a PS3 or 360 game.

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Cy1022d ago

I don't care how nice it looks unless they give us better controls.

wonderfulmonkeyman1022d ago

Thank you.
Finally, someone who points out a legit complaint instead of waffling about graphics like so many sparkle-loving sheep these days do.

The control scheme sounds wonky: they need to allow full controller customization, or at least feasible alternative schemes to select, to help this game take off with fans.
We're used to our face buttons doing the shooting.
Let us decide that.

Cy1022d ago

I can still remember a time when people whining about graphics over gameplay would be laughed out of whatever forum or comments section they were in. Personally I blame the platform "wars" (can't even say console, because PC people are the worst with this in my experience) because pretty graphics are an easy and shallow way to "prove" your system of choice is "better".

Vegamyster1022d ago

The game as far as I've see does support the classic controls.

Blastoise1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

The awful graphics and half arsed design are entirely legitimate complaints.

Don't pretend that everybody complaining is some kind of graphics whore who is expecting it to look like Crysis, it just looks really rough

wonderfulmonkeyman1021d ago

If you honestly think that's what rough graphics look like, Blast, then you've never owned a PS2, let alone some of the worst Gamecube games.

The graphics issue for SFZ is being blown up into a bigger issue than it actually is.
That's a fact.
It's not so horrible that it deserves to be dismissed for it's graphics alone.
Yet that's precisely what people here are doing.
If that's not being a bunch of sparkle-worshipping graphics whores, nothing is.

BVFTW1021d ago

Being honest I'm interested in the game and if the gameplay is as good as the other Star Fox games I'm all in but I'm convinced that they can do better with the looks (Nintendo said it was on purpose so the Wii U can definitely do better). The Star Fox series, since its foundation, was a graphical showpiece of non stop action, it introduced 3d gaming done right on the SNES thanks to Argonaut's SFX chip, Star Fox 64 was also a showcase for the N64, featuring prominently in promotions (remember the tapes XD), plus it introduced a new hardware feature like Rumble and had something that Nintendo games usually lack... awesome voice acting (the 3Ds remaster messed with these, is still a good version nonetheless). The new game should have a cutting edge feel to give the franchise justice, even so I have no doubt the gameplay will be top notch, Do a barrel roll!

Bimkoblerutso1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )


Obviously the game doesn't push polys like the bigger AAA games out there, but I think the real problem is how bland it's art style is. It is literally like they took the N64 game and re-textured it. Not every game has to be another Uncharted, but I don't find it ridiculous at all for people to expect new games to look more interesting (poly count aside) than games that came out nearly 20 years ago.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1021d ago


All I've gotten from your posts is you hate 12 year old girls who like Twilight.

fanboysmackdown1021d ago

Being a Nintendo wanker fanboy is fine but to be a blind wanker fanboy who wanks sparkly sheep is just too over the top. And back to the subject, Starfox is the most laughably ugly PS1 looking game I've ever seen.

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Starbucks_Fan1022d ago

"This is what StarFox Zero Should’ve Looked like"

mushroomwig1022d ago

That would have been a better title as it's not actually a screenshot, it's concept.

oasdada1022d ago

lol was about the write that

BrandanT1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Not only are the textures flat, but the art direction is terrible.
It really feels off. The Nintendo I knew really changed this year. Nintendo made so many better looking games than this,
I just don't love them as much after this e3. They let met me down.

OhMyGandhi1022d ago

I've got my expansion pak and I'm ready to go!

aerisbueller1021d ago

Yeah, seriously. Upon closer inspection you can see the poly count is too high, but if I had seen that with a caption saying n64, I would have totally fallen for it.

jcnba281021d ago

No that's just a low quality screenshot. What we really get is this:

1021d ago