Mega Man Legends Staff Working On Red Ash, Kickstarter Up

Comcept have announced Red Ash, an action RPG with third-person shooter elements.

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loltonytony1138d ago

I hope it reaches the goal and beyond. I need this....!

ChronoJoe1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

As much as people want this to be good Mighty Number 9 was pretty demonstrative that they are incapable of responsibly using this form of funding platform. The title just didn't amount to anything spectacular, irrespective of the huge injection of cash they achieved through kickstarter.

This indicates a failure from a directive position (Inafune) and an incapacity to appropriately manage the projects workload relative to the the studios employed talent. At this point they're riding on nostalgia, Mighty Number 9 hasn't launched, and has yet to be judged by critics and consumers. I would be very cautious about spending my money on this kickstarter.