The Top 15 Games of E3 2008

E3 2008 has finally come to an end! Inside, Kombo takes a look back at the show, celebrating the top 15 games of E3 2008.

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Highwayman3402d ago

Fable II FTW!

I wonder why KillZone 2 didn't make the list?

MK_Red3402d ago

Glad to see Mirror's Edge is number one but Fallout 3 should have been among top 3.

wangdiddy823402d ago

lol that demo or trailer sucked major balls.. The music was the only good thing about it.. the graphics look horrible compared to Heavenly sword..

I think mirror edge is going to be a big disapointment.. The game looks pretty damn boring to me..

San anto3402d ago

i can go with this, i guess mirrors edge really does look good