RPG Fans Are The Real Winners Of E3 2015


I always like to take a few weeks away from any show to really start analyzing and putting it in perspective. I'm not one to usually name a "winner" of E3, since the fans always end up winning with a glut of new games. Even so, this year role-playing game fans really had a lot to cheer about. Whether you're a fan of RPGs in general, or prefer Western or Japanese RPGs, this year's show proved the genre thrives in all areas.

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SegaGamer1139d ago

This is probably true and why i rated E3 so high. RPG's are my favourite games and we seen a lot of them at E3.

WizzroSupreme1139d ago

RPGs, JRPGS, South Park or Deus Ex, Square Enix is sure leading the way in either category. Sure love them as a publisher, but I wish they could get their act as a developer together and release some of their own games already. *cough, FF XV, cough*

Letthewookiewin1138d ago

Ya really lovin Square right now.

lemoncake1139d ago

Lots of big RPGs at this e3, loads of other genres also. Southpark reveal was a big surprise, overall a great time to be a gamer.

Agent_00_Revan1138d ago

I was extremely surprised and excited for the South Park announcement. The last one was great, but was disappointed when Matt and Trey had said they were done making games when Stick of Truth was wrapping up, because of all the difficulties they had. Looks like someone changed their minds, which is good news.

RJ920091138d ago

Hell yeah I keep saying it this is the RPG open world gen!! And I'm loving it

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