PC Gaming On A Budget (Building a PC July 2015)

Ken from The Outerhaven writes:
As a PC gamer, keeping up with the latest and greatest hardware is always on the top of my mind, but as a normal middle class human being who cannot afford such great lifestyles, I must always look out for the best interest in myself and my wallet while I attempt to game. There are so many things you can do to start saving money for a PC, but what if I told you that you could build a PC without breaking the bank, and still play the newest and greatest games out there!

First of all, looks are not a necessity, so spending too much money on a nice looking case is something that I wouldn’t even bother with. The build that I am doing today (July 3rd, 2015) will come with prices for just today. Typically when building a new PC, I spend about a week scouting out parts and deals from different websites, ebay, etc, but I wanted to do this as quickly as possible to see what could be done.

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kdmitchell_toh1026d ago

As mentioned it's without a OS. On top of that, there are many plays where you can get a windows 7 or 8 license for under $50 dollars, hell you can use the Windows 10 preview for free.