Valhalla: We Are Ready to Answer All Questions About Devil's Third

"Valhalla Game Studios, the developer behind Devil's Third, has announced that it is ready to answer any and all questions regarding Devil's Third. Their full Facebook message follows" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1257d ago

First and foremost questions should be #1 When is it coming to the states, and #2 will there be a Direct focused on it?

AJBACK2FRAG1257d ago

3. Voice chat? 4. Will Wii U chat ever gain popularity?

About30Ninjas1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

5. What the heck is story line about? 6. Will they be a sex scene in the game?

gameboy11252d ago

If Devils Third comes out and it's crap then I'm selling my WiiU and i love Nintendo me but if they gimped there only decent FPS then i just can't keep it for MarioKart8 and a few other games like MarioMaker ect i'll just play them or not on NX.