Man-Bat to Appear in Lego Batman

The villain ranks for the Lego Batman game due out later this year continues to swell. Last month 1UP reported on the inclusion of Bane, Clayface, and Nightwing. This month 1UP only has one, but it's a wild one, literally. Man-Bat will be bringing his genetically mashed up bat powers to the bad guys side. Like many villains, Man-Bat is the product of good intentions gone wrong. Dr. Kirk Langstrom in an attempt to cure his deafness creates a serum using bat DNA. While it successfully granted him bat-like sonar, it also turned him into a man-sized bat. He gained wings, allowing him to fly, and superhuman strength, but like a bat lost much of his ability to see in daylight.

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ActionBastard3710d ago

The fans service alone has me getting this game. Can't wait.