Digital Extremes May Be Working On A New Game Called Keystone

Digital Extremes, developer of the F2P Sci-fi MMOFPS Warframe, may be working on a new game called Keystone. This is just a rumor by someone who isn’t even working there but through a Reddit user, UndercoverLegend, claims that he just walked into the building after following a “tattooed dude”.

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Mostafeto1258d ago

First of all, I am against anyone who would just walk into a developer's building even if they have low security measures.
Second, I am really excited for the official announcement of this game since I love Warframe and want to see what can they do next in a new game.

TheGreatGamer1258d ago

Love Warframe so I'm excited to see what these guys can bring to the table with their next game. Let's hope it gets a simultaneous release across PC, Xbox One and PS4 because 'Keystone's' description although vague, sounds very interesting