Does Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile Suck?


Rocksteady’s latest, Batman: Arkham Knight, is a hit with fans of the DC superhero thanks to its authentic take on Gotham’s savior (read our glowing review). The developer has a history of nailing the look and feel of the city’s imposing gothic architecture, larger-than-life villains, and each of Batman’s handy gadgets. On the topic of fancy accessories, Arkham Knight marks the first time Rocksteady has set players loose with a fully playable Batmobile in its open world, and the iconic vehicle has some fans divided. Game Informer editors Matt Bertz and Tim Turi square off in this debate about the merits and failings of Arkham Knight’s speedy transforming war machine.

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UKmilitia1262d ago

no its awesome.
chasing the cars and armored vans round streets is awesome.
so is battle mode.

people moaned no batcar so they get it,now they moan there is to much batcar.

do my head in winey gamers.

Bimkoblerutso1261d ago

I don't think it's all that whiney to suggest they relied a bit too much on the batmobile. Almost everyone still loved the game. It's too much batmobile at points.

And to be perfectly honest, I actually liked the batmobile sections quite a bit. I didn't care for the tank portions nearly as much. They felt kinda generic "aim-and-shoot" to me.

Genuine-User1261d ago

I enjoyed controlling the Batmobile.
My only complaint would be that almost 1/3 of the story missions revolved around the Batmobile.

blitz06231261d ago

It was okay, but they forced it so much on you. Most of the boss battles were batmobile battles.

UKmilitia1261d ago

yeah totally with you on the tanks,way to many of them too.

Greyfoxdbz1261d ago

I agree man. The problem with this, Is Rocksteady actually did an amazing job implementing the batmobile into the game, it has everything you would expect or want, 1 second your driving uninhibited by concrete and walls, the next you're soaring through the air as batman. The different gameplay elements can be switched seamlessly. I can't see any other company doing a better job implementing the Batmobile. Having said that, it doesn't seem to make Batman a better game overall. It isn't necessarily better than arkham city because it has a car and i feel like the game would be a lot better if they just omitted it and focused on other things.
It's really strange, i've never seen a developer do a good job with something and then have that thing fall short. I can see why it has split the crowd for sure.

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Takwin1261d ago

I absolutely hate the Batmobile. It ruined the game for me.

deadpoolio3161261d ago

So in other words, you dont play driving games, or there was someone at your house with a gun to your head forcing you to use it....

There aren't that many missions that require the batmobile so nothing stops the people from using the rooftops instead of driving around if they cant handle it

oasdada1261d ago

It doesnt suck at all.. but i did find the control slippery.. maybe due to the rain i guess

Sniperwithacause1261d ago

Yeas the controls are kinda flakey.
I keep wanting to press L2 to brake instead of square. It's really a pain when I forget the what to press. Especially during the tiddler challenges

oasdada1261d ago


yeah the controls are clumsy too.. i was actually talking about the mobile's controlling.. it doesnt appear to drive firmly..

JWiLL5521261d ago


There's an alternate control scheme that toggles the combat mode.

Changes brake to the left trigger and makes it so combat mode is toggled with one button press of r1/rb. You don't have to keep holding it.

I personally liked having it on the trigger because you could make instant directional adjustments in combat mode.

ginsunuva1261d ago

Well if I'm thirsty for water and you throw me in the ocean, I wont exactly be content.

1261d ago
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BecauseImBatman1262d ago

No it does not suck and it's far from crap. It's the Batmobile, like c'mon and it turns into a Tank, how can you say that sucks ? The only thing wrong with it in the game is the default controls which you can change and it's forced on you a bit to much from the Riddles Trophies and Narrative of the Story and Side Missions where you battle tons of Tanks. It can be annoying but if your saying it sucks because it's challenging that's not criticism it's just moaning. The Batmobile is still great in the game but it is leaned on a bit to much...

Lamboomington1261d ago

That doesn't mean the game should force it on you half the time during the campaign. It's worrying that so many are saying you have to use it in just about every situation in the campaign.

The driving looks awesome.

Those tank battles, what is up with those ? They look incredibly boring.

BecauseImBatman1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

The Tank Battles are not boring there's just to much of it in the game, to much of anything will feel boring after a while. Rocksteady obviously wanted the Tank Combat to be on par with Predator and Free Flow Combat but it wasn't. It's still good in its own right. It is heavily integrated into the story but that's not a bad thing nor does it drag down the quality of the game. The Batmobile is like one of Batman's most important tools/weapons and that's how Rocksteady wanted it to feel. It's designed to be like that and I get it's completely subjective whether you like the Batmobile or not but objectively it's a good addition to the game and adds a different aspect of playing the game instead of getting a repeat of Arkham City which honestly without the Batmobile Arkham Knight would have felt a lot like that.

For the most part the Tank is completely optional and I get that it's a bit forced but that does not mean it sucks, most people like it and even objectively it's a great addition to the game so all these negative articles trying to imply the Batmobile sucks or no one likes it is just stupid.

NovusTerminus1262d ago

No, it's quite cool, and very fun, he only issue is how much the game leaned on it and forced you to use it.

iamnsuperman1262d ago

The controls suck (but I hear the default can be changed to an easier setting) and the platforming aspects of the gaming is just ridiculous. However, the car looks cool and when you want to drive around it is fun. Though as soon as you upgrade your suit, very early on in the game, gliding is a far easier way to get round (leaving the bat mobile pointless)

deadpoolio3161261d ago

No the controls don't suck, I guess they do if your stupid, but R2 to go forward, L2 to reverse, Square to powerslide and Triangle to boost aren't rocket science

ctorretta1261d ago

L2 doesn't go reverse in default control mode. It goes into tank mode if you hit L2 - it seriously messes me up.

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