Alone in the Dark PS3 delayed till November

Today Atari announced that the PlayStation 3 version of Alone in the Dark will not release until November this year. Originally the game was planned to release in October. Read the article for more details.

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pwnsause3713d ago

Atari, its ok, you can take that POS game back to dungeons of the dev centers. we dont want fail games on the PS3, no one is going to but it.

HighDefinition3713d ago

You don`t really ever say anything too bad.

pwnsause3713d ago

i got banned for laughing about the Duke Nukem Trilogy trailer ROFL

HighDefinition3713d ago

They ban people for the weirdest things sometimes.

juuken3713d ago

...Over a trailer?
This boggles the mind.

TheDeadMetalhead3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I didn't get banned. But still: BEWARE!!!

@RonDeMuerte - I say FIGHT BACK!! Complain, create a new account, BEAT THE SYSTEM!!!

That's why I'm so careful about what I say over there. I say what I want over here, and then I clean it up for the Gamer Zone XD

RonDeMuerte3713d ago

because I was commenting in a banjo kazooie article....telling 360 fanboys that I was going to be able to play banjo on my PS3 because I'm gonna buy Little Big Planet and make Banjo Kazooie levels hahahahaha and I'm gonna play it my way!!......I still don't think it was bad enough for me to get banned though....

Juuken Is Fukin Ugly3713d ago

D E L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Juuken, I told u to clean the god damn house b!tch!

Juuken Is Fukin Ugly3713d ago

Damage control!!!!

You driods are freaking morons. you console is a delayed shi1tbox thats only a blu ray player. eat my dirt anus and suck my sh1t. i am juuken the filthy whore!!!!


pwnsause3713d ago

ROFL im in Damage control cause i laughed at a duke nukem Triology trailer? omfg. you must be retarded if you think this way.

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HighDefinition3713d ago

Doesn`t this game kinda suck.

That`s what I`ve heard anyway.....

Bombibomb3713d ago

Kinda? Did you see the reviews? It's one of the worst games of the year so far.

StephanieBBB3713d ago

This game would be good if they had some solid mo-cap acting and... nah who am I kidding? This game is pure crap :P

avacadosnorkel3713d ago

maybe they can fix some of the problems and make minor adjustments?

Genesis53713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. Is there anyway this delay can save this game. I used to be looking forward to it. Now not so much.

Playstation Man3713d ago

I don't want that piece of crap on my console. Besides, I've got Siren: Blood Curse. AWESOME GAME!

gaffyh3713d ago

I've got this for 360 and if anyone is thinking of buying this for PS3. STOP. Go buy anything else, Alone in the Dark is really really crap.

morganfell3713d ago

Maybe they will fix the ridiculous control and inventory system. In that case the PS3 would have the better version...again.

MazzingerZ3713d ago

Yeah, the biggest problem was the controller according to some buddies that played it on the X360...hopefully they'll fix that for the PS3...the other Alone in the Dark games were never that great but fun...the PS3's DS is a better controller for this kind of games, actually for any genre (except FPS)...Soul Calibur IV will sell better on the PS3 among multiplatform owners just because of the controller

solidt123713d ago

Yep Who care's im playing Siren right now and Silent Hill comes out soon. Since they know the game sucks they should of brought out the PS3 and 360 version at the same time.

uie4rhig3713d ago

meh unless they make it better on the PS3 than 360/PC version, it's not coming in my house!!

jaysquared3713d ago

This game probably suck but still wonder why everything on the PS3 is getting delayed..

JsonHenry3713d ago

I played this game on the PC, and I think it just got a bad rap. It is a lot of fun. It plays out like a movie. It is creepy in parts. And has some decent obstacles/puzzles that need to be solved.

By no means the best horror/survival game ever, but certainly not one that should be passed up because some reviewer gave it less than a 10.

If nothing else - rent it. That way if you don't like it you only spent $10. But I think for $10 you are gonna get a great game.

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Bombibomb3713d ago

I don't think anyone cares anymore lol.

Boink3713d ago

ps3's library just isn't complete without this AAA software title. I will refuse to get one till then.

lolz, does anyone care?

The gaming GOD3713d ago

This game (like the rest in the series) is crap anyway.

Trust me Atari, not one ps3 owner will be crying their nights away for your "AAA" game

Ghoul3713d ago

nope alone in the dark 1 was a incredibly awesome and innovative game, one of the first 3d games :)

The gaming GOD3713d ago

because I remember playing the first one on the 3DO. I felt the game sucked back then as well

Ghoul3713d ago

THAT is no suprise if you played it on the 3do, on pc it was a blast and freakin scary :D

kazuma3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

i have good memories of the first 3, never played 4 (and don't want to) and don't intend to play this one either

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