WWE 2K16 Cover Art Coming Monday

Hardcore Gamer: We're not sure which WWE superstar is expected to grace the cover. John Cena appeared on last years' game and The Rock on the one before that. There have been several photos released of a few superstars making their in-game appearance, perhaps it's one of them. But we will have to just tune in to Monday Night Raw and find out.

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Sarobi1261d ago

My bet is Brock Lesnar

xwilldemise1261d ago

Dear god, anything but Roman Reigns. Let it be Lesnar, if not Lesnar well then Seth Rollins, I mean he's ONLY the world champ.

Xavior_Reigns1261d ago

Likely a toss up between both of them. I'm seeing Lesnar more though, but WWE has been stubborn with Reigns.

DxTrixterz1261d ago

My bet is for The Authority.

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The story is too old to be commented.