Console Wars: Who Will Rule 2008

Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 can't all be number one. Vote to see which console wins the year's biggest grudge match.

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HighDefinition3645d ago

Right now w/ the games in it`s very near future look to be outstanding and more diverse than the rest of the competition. LBP could potentially be the HOT ITEM at Xmas. R2 for $60 w/ all the features, is a steal. THEN.........Killzone 2, the graphical marvel of the console world. All within 4 months of each other.

PoSTedUP3645d ago

ALOT of people are waiting on SOCOM man dont forget. socom will sell more consoles then MGS4 did cause socom franchise is 10 million strong and thats proven.

yea sony has alot of killa killa quality games on the way man.

va_bank3645d ago

I'm buying SOCOM day one, but there are a lot of people who are not into "multiplayer-only" games. If it's 10 million SOCOM players out of 130 million who own a PS2, expect that number to be less on PS3.

I'm willing to bet money LBP will sell way more, as it has broader appeal. BTW, I'm holding off on LBP as I don't really understand the concept, no matter how many videos I watch. Is it a platformer with user-created levels? Is there more to it? I'll just have to wait and see.

MazzingerZ3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I partially agree...but I do also think it's very subjective to define a "winner"...based on sales figures? The Wii.

An article about which current console owners are the winners during 2008 would be better as I could care less about the pockets of nintendo, sony and microsoft

I would say PS3 owners are the REAL winners, I'm not getting a X360 again, not at least this year....there's nothing there for me, the PS3 delivers all I need and beyond...I think 99% of the PS3 owners feel this way today unlike X360 owners that must find the positive side of the "new" XBL experience, Mii60s and get curious about games like LIPS and the other EyeToy-like game...

X360 onwers want other kind of games, the type of games that the once touted as the console for the hardcore gamer is supposed to deliver, the games that the PS3 IS delivering this fall and ahead.

Fallout3, RE5, RockBand, etc? those are multiplatform games and can be found in both consoles, exclusive titles are what makes a console worth your money

StephanieBBB3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

This whole thing comes down to "in what Category".

In the year of 08.

Best selling console of the big three: Wii
Why? Because it's the cheapest. You might think why not the PS3 with blueray being the new format and AAA games coming? Well not many people think like that, They say lowest price best buy. If you thought it over you would buy a PS3. 399£ is a bargin if you think about the alternative of buying a Wii/xbox360 and then a blueray player when dvd9's are dead.

Best gaming console of the big three: PS3
Why? Because the PS3 has the best games coming and the technology is advancing on it unlike xbox360 and Wii. At the end of 08 people will know that PS3 is offering more than games. And even the games are top notch.

Best online experience of the big three: PS3 or Xbox360
Why? Xbox360 has the lead over PS3 right now but I think it will not for long. PS3 online is free and most of it content too so MS will have to cut price for it to win in this category. In the near future atleast. Wii has no chance.

Greatest fanbase of the big three: PS3
Why? Xbox360 has it's fanbase in the US but the PS3 as of now owns Europe and most of Asia. The PS3 is slowly starting to turn hearts in the US too but it's going slowly without those AAA titles. Once they are out im sure it will triumph.

Still almost everything I've said comes down to what you as a person thinks. If you like to pay for your online experience because you feel that you get better quality then by all means it's nothing wrong with that. It's you as a individual who decides what console that wins, not Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. Even though one might be better than the others on paper it's the peoples preferences that counts.

BattleAxe3645d ago

SOCOM will definately sell more systems over MGS4. There are so many PS2 owners that only play SOCOM and the majority of those people have been waiting for this game to come out before they will buy a PS3.

SOCOM is a serious sleeper hit. I am surprised that there has been no mention of an advertising campaign for this game.

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Sez 3645d ago

i like the line-up of RPG's coming out this year. plus gears2, banjo kazooie, and the new live experience with netflex. and being able to DL a game or movie from any pc and have it ready and waiting for you when you get home.

HighDefinition3645d ago

But, besides GeoW2 nothing from that is going to move units. IMO.

Tony240ZT3645d ago

I agree, but banjo kazooie!?!?!?

MS is quick to adapt (+RPGs, buying away exclusives), even if that means copying others (Miis), but if they continue to offer more services (Netflix), more games, and a combination of good things from the other consoles for a good price they'll do great, oh it'd be even easier for them to do well if hardware was known to be solid. Hrm, well that last bit might actually cause a large problem.

beavis4play3645d ago

what 360s are going to be sold by gears2 that haven't been sold by gears 1?

BattleAxe3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I agree, Gears of War already has an installed fanbase whereas God of War 3, SOCOM: Confrontation and Killzone2 are coming to the PS3 for the first time, and thats why I believe those 3 franchises alone will allow the PS3 to either catch up to the XBOX 360 entirely or seriously close the gap in terms of units sold over the next 7 or 8 months.

Not to mention Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet. Aswell I still believe that Final Fantasy 13 will sell alot of PS3s, especially in Japan.

Bangladesh3645d ago

By the end of this console cycle, every person that considers theirself to be a gamer will also be a 360 owner. Why? Because the 360 has the best games, and price.

Wii fans can "waggle" their wii-motes til' their heart is content. The Wii will go on the books as a purely casual console. And Sony can pay as many people as they like to promote anti-360/ Sony worship on sites like N4G and DIGG. But the Ps3 will go on the books as Sony's blu-ray movie trojan horse. The 360 is the only console this cycle that has a direct focus on "core" gamers, and the majority of core gamers either already know this or will know it by the end of this cycle. The 360 is the gamers console.

Willio3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

The majority of the "core" gamers already own an xbox360 in the past or currently has one. Thus, it will not push hardware sales.

Bangladesh3645d ago

I've got to disagree. You won't see the "majority" of core gamers come out of the wood works until the 360 gets under $300 for a Pro package.

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Gun_Senshi3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

they have been caught red handed to be great fanboys more then once

I voted consoles will fail long live PC XD

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The gaming GOD3645d ago

If you guys mean rule in sales, then it's gonna be the Wii

If you mean rule as in selection of games for 2008, then I'd say the ps3

Domenikos3645d ago

PS3 = socom+lbp+R2+Motorstorm2( split screen =) )

360 = Just GeoW2, not a fan of Fable or BK games

Wii = Duh, SUCK...

decapitator3645d ago

I will rule because I am the gamer and will get to play all the good games from Sony and Microsoft.

ToastyMcNibbles3645d ago

gotta agree with you decap...both consoles have great games to offer but if i had to pick one it would be the ps3

Solid_Snake6663645d ago

gamers will win this year ...even if ur xbox cant handle gears 2 and breaks

TheColbertinator3645d ago

Well spoken Decap

Having Sony and Microsoft on a leash always benefits the gamer

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