Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster & Why Ports Aren’t Bad

Rely on Horror, D. Birkin writes: "Before getting into Resident Evil 0 itself, I feel like addressing one more thing that I see quite a bit, and that’s the negativity when it comes to hearing the words “remake” and “remaster.” I saw it for REmake and now I see it again for RE0. I feel some people focus too much on these words and then get mad because “It’s still the same! This isn’t a REAL remake!” They’re right. That’s why we should look at it more as just an enhanced port. They could have just ported it as is, but to be nice, they went out of their way to do some touch ups."

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Xer0_SiN1235d ago

i dont think its bad if done right. gamers come and go all the time. some may be new time gamers, some may have came back after taking a gen or two hiatus, some probably never got to experience these games that are getting remastered, and some simply want to relive these experiences again in a modern gen.

Artemus1235d ago

I never had the chance to play REmake and RE0 so I'm glad Capcom is porting those Nintendo exclusive Resident Evil games to modern consoles.

Doodleburger1235d ago

$20 for a remake from 10 years ago? Good deal. $50 for a remake from 3 years ago? Shameless cash grab. Big difference.

WizzroSupreme1235d ago

Ports aren't bad unless they're overcharged.