Microsoft officially ends bid to buy Yahoo

Mercury News Reports: " The curtain appeared to come down Thursday on Silicon Valley's most popular business drama, as Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer confirmed that talks to acquire Yahoo have ended and a major shareholder advisory service said it was backing the Internet company's board.

"It didn't work out," Ballmer said during Microsoft's annual presentation to analysts. "Fine. We're done. We can move on."

RickMetrics Group, a subsidiary of ISS, one of the oldest and most influential advisory firms, endorsed Yahoo's board, which is up for re-election at the Aug. 1 annual meeting.

"It's basically game over," said Joseph Grundfest, a Stanford University law professor and co-director of the Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance."

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Bombibomb3407d ago

You can't buy everything, Microsoft.

Highwayman3407d ago

True that...

Plus I thought it a bad move on MS's part, at least right now at the moment given the economic troubles we're in at the moment..

Personally though I wanted to see Yahoo, stay Yahoo.

decapitator3407d ago

Word. After numerous attempts, they finally got that message. I think it was because Yahoo also started threaten them with a possible Google Merger.

La Chance3407d ago

looks like Google is the real winner then.

Dark vader3407d ago

You must be crazy if you think google is going to let themselfves get bought out.

Premonition3407d ago

Next news i want to see : EA ends bid to buy Take Two.

Topshelfcheese3407d ago

I wouldn't count on it. EA got 8% of the stock in the first 4months and in just the last month they got another 7%, its obvious that shareholders are starting to sell as Take Two's own stock continues to fall.

juuken3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Stop trying to buy out others ya greedy muppets.

Kudos to Yahoo for not falling into Microsoft's greedy hands.

TheDeadMetalhead3407d ago

Micros#!t, you fail again >:)

juuken3407d ago

Indeed they do.
Money can't buy everything. :)

juuken3407d ago

Ooooh dear.

Don't make the bots come scurrying over here now. o-o

juuken3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Look at what joo did Dead Metal. >u<

TheDeadMetalhead3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )


@Suck Is God- It can't buy your soul back >:(

Gabe3233407d ago

Well it actually can buy Yahoo!

They wanted a few billion more after Microsoft's initial bid.

I think they wanted around 47.5?

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The story is too old to be commented.