Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer Released and It Actually Looks Bloody Brilliant

The first details from the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode have been released alongside the official trailer from this year's MineCon.

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DxTrixterz890d ago

But where is Walking Dead season 3?

AtariFanboy890d ago

But where is The Wolf Among Us season 2?

Lenns890d ago

But where is Jurassic Park season 2?

oasdada890d ago

but Where is Monkey island season 2?

BadgerDeluxe888d ago

but where is Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4?

goldwyncq890d ago

Shame they've forgotten about it. Sam and Max is what made me a fan of Telltale in the first place.

uth11890d ago

They only care about series that bring in big moneybnow

kiz2694890d ago

But where is Half Life 3?

Grap890d ago

Bloody Brilliant???? what does the writer smoke? this is embarrassing.

chrish1990890d ago

No smoking, just opinion. I thought it looked "bloody brilliant" because it's so unexpected and actually looks like a slught deviation from Telltales usual formula, pkus its aimed at getting younger audiences interested in story-driven games so the trailer (in my opinion at least) does a good job at creating a hook for the kids.

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uth11890d ago

Meh- Looks generic with stereotypical characters and nothing but an attempt to cash in on Minecraft popularity

icerob890d ago

well.. that is what we want sir.

Summons75890d ago

Would still be better than anything Minecraft.....because Terraria is better to begin with.

BenRage3890d ago

That would be awesome!!!

ryuuzakibjorn890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

To me, It looked pretty cringey - Like a 12 year olds role-play - But I guess that's what the target audience is.

I wish they'd just stick to their existing works instead of taking on all this new stuff. I mean I don't have a problem with any of it; But they could be working on Sam and Max, Walking Dead, Heck they should've finished the season of Tales from the Borderlands first - Surely.

Put it this way: Imagine I'm working at McDonalds. You come in an order a Happy meal. I give you the chips and ask you to hang on while the burger is cooking. While it's cooking, I serve another customer and give them the same burger you ordered but to them first. I then give you a burger and then go and get the toy.

But while getting the toy, Someone else orders and I give them the last toy, Now you have to wait for me to get another.

It's a rather annoying situation but I guess they're Telltale; They can do what they want.

kevinsheeks890d ago

I took a break from telltale games has the quality of their other series besides walking dead been as good?

Billybobjoey890d ago

Tales From The Borderlands is probably their best current series. (Coming from someone that doesn't watch Game of Thrones)

ryuuzakibjorn890d ago

Tales from the Borderlands is absolutely fantastic. Shame we have to wait an unspecified amount of time between episodes. Think more months than weeks.

Grap890d ago

TWOU is good, Game of Thrones is really good, Tales From The Borderlands is Bloody Brilliant.

One_Eyed_Wizard890d ago

The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones are really good. I haven't tried Tales From The Borderlands since I'm not a big fan of Borderlands but seeing the feedback it has here I might give it a go.

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kevinsheeks890d ago

I don't know how to feel O.o

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