Hitman Alpha Leaks - First Impressions & Clips

Check out these fresh Hitman Alpha leaks, a compilation of first impressions and short gameplay clips from the current alpha test.

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ccgr1235d ago

It's been a while since I've played a Hitman game, curious how this one will turn out.

Imp0ssibl31235d ago

Me too, honestly. But I'm looking to give this one a try, hopefully they will make it more open-ended which is crucial for Hitman

SolidStoner1235d ago

one of my favorites also.. hopes up they will create it more oldschool with multiple options and free roaming with bigger maps!

also hopes up for 100 guns and option to complete all missions without a single shot! true hardcore hitman style! on hard mode! :)

you can always shoot everyone if you get spotted and test your guns.. and then load and continue stealth gameplay! if you wondering about guns! :D

inveni01234d ago

I'd like to see a return of Blood Money game play. If it gets too open, it'll just feel like GTA:Assassin Edition.

bixxel1234d ago

Everyone who played the Alpha recently reported that it's way beyond anything they've ever seen. The levels and possibilities are ridiculously immense. And that's ONE level.

vlashyr1235d ago

Absolution was a disappointment but it looks like they learned their lesson

SolidStoner1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

it was a letdown for true hitman fans but I can assure you it was a very good game compared to other stealth gameplay based games! ;)

MGS tops it easy, but hitman has its own style and its mechanics are more complicated when you play the game yourself!

KTF261235d ago

Disappointment for Hitman Fans
but for me it's the only hitman I played and it's AWESOME
I can't get enough


A major disappointment by any franchise standards I agree with you bro.

Sugreev20011234d ago

It was definitely the weakest game in the series, but it was still miles better than many other stealth games.

TeamLeaptrade1234d ago

I wouldn't say it was a disappointment, but wasn't what we all wanted. I still really liked Absolution, but it was no Blood Money.

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d_g1235d ago

it looks good

i just want to see more gameplay

anyway this the full Alpha gameplay

bixxel1234d ago

If anyone wants the gameplay videos it's here:

Now report this news because it says a RUMOR. lol

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LavaLampGoo1235d ago

Hitman is a game I want to like but I can nwvwr sync with the style. With any luxk this will be the one that can fit for me

kaiserfranz1235d ago

I find Agent47 to be an incredibly stylish assassin. Looking forward to the movie as well.

Mostafeto1235d ago

I don't the movie will be even good tho

Alexious1235d ago

@Mostafeto - Why? Rupert Friend is a great actor, check him out in Homeland - outstanding work.

Alexious1235d ago

Hopefully we're getting another great stealth title, can't get enough of this genre personally!

vlashyr1235d ago

Between this and MGSV: Phantom Pain, it will be a nice Fall.

Hope to see Sam Fisher again in 2016, too.

MasterD9191235d ago

It looks similar to Absolution. That wasn't everyone's favorite Hitman game, but I'm sure this one will be better. Hard to get a good sense of what to expect from the short video alpha footage, but hopefully, the areas are far more populated. That would drive up the intensity.

scark921235d ago

I really hope it is like Blood Money, I hope you can pull off Disguises without people recognizing you if you get too close!

and I hope you gain a negative reputation from messing up and blowing your cover so people would recognize you!

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