Can Halo 5 deliver on its 60fps promise?


Echoing the reveal of its predecessor three years ago, Microsoft kicked off its E3 media briefing this year with a first look at Halo 5: Guardians' single-player campaign. A new approach to mission design and a host of new characters combine with a fresh coat of paint to present something that feels both new and familiar. Last December's multiplayer beta already highlighted a number of changes to the core formula, but it's only with this new demo that we're able to fully appreciate this new direction and to get a real idea of the full scope of 343's vision for its first true 'next-gen' Halo.

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Genuine-User1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )


"We can see the horizontal resolution apparently shift dynamically between a full 1920 all the way down to 832 pixels. With 810 vertical lines in play we're looking at a resolution ranging from 1920x810 to 832x810."


"the E3 experience is some way off the level of consistency we want from the final game."


"While we spotted a fair number of low resolution textures, there's still a strong sense that 343 is moving in the right direction."


"A new materials system, making use of physically-based rendering, helps bring newfound realism to the world of Halo - and its key benefits are evident in this demo. Metal takes on a realistic sheen while more diffuse materials sit naturally within the world."

MightyNoX1203d ago

20% increase from Kinect
november(June?) Update
Da cloud.

How much more power do they need to pump into this thing?

Genuine-User1203d ago

I know performance and resolution is 'subject to change' but 832x810 is lower than 720p!

They better improve the resolution and make it so that it never dips below 900p.

Mega241203d ago

Weak hardware is the problem, tablet apu's aren't that powerful.

Also, has the cloud been implemented in any game that has released for graphical fidelity? I cant think of any, except for the Crackdown demo.

Charybdis1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

True they should keep the focus on game play first and graphics second. Its been pretty clear what happens when games focus only on graphics.
Dx12 halo should probably be one of the first games to start making use of dx12 as an holiday 2015 game.
Cloud wise I do hope they will have dedicated servers for every game.

BiggerBoss1203d ago

The game better be a completely stable 60 fps. They got rid of Splitscreen for the 60 fps so they best make sure the game is buttery smooth

Genuine-User1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

What are you people disagreeing with?

Do you want a flagship Xbox One title to drop lower than 720p (in some areas) with a variable frame-rate?

It will look like a jaggy-fest, with horrible IQ.

"Smoke and particles are rendered at a resolution low enough to produce noticeable saw-tooth edges where they intersect with the silhouette of the view weapon"

Expect better.

Septic1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


"What are you people disagreeing with?
Do you want a flagship Xbox One title to drop lower than 720p"

No true fans don't want that. I believe people are disagreeing because they feel the people on here talking about it aren't 'genuine'.

Also, speaking of being genuine, where in the b roll footage did the game reach 832x810? That was the debug mode in the Vidoc. Why did you miss that key bit of information out? Because the very next line is:

"However, in b-roll distributed during E3, minimum resolution observed comes in at 1152x81-not exactly wonderful but presumably more indicative of where the system is right now during gameplay"

donthate1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

From the article:

"Frank O'Conner again cautions that "there's zero permanent resolution information to take away from E3.""

Eurogamer says:

"If the final game can deliver on the promise of a stable 60fps frame-rate across all modes while offering compelling mission design, we could be looking at one of the best shooters of the year."


"Da cloud."

Dedicated servers on all first party games released so far!

I cannot say that about the competition. Wish we could, because we are paying for online access now.


Game is in development so further optimization is just natural. Remember when Borderlands collection had sh!t performance across PS4 and Xbox One. A patch made it rock solid 60fps!

It is called development, shipping a product and optimizing!

Genuine-User1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

@ septic

You caught me red handed septic.

You're wreck-in pessimistic mate.

I have been a fan of Halo since combat evolved.

Where in the b-roll footage did I claim the game reached 832x810?

I clearly referenced DF;"With 810 vertical lines in play we're looking at a resolution ranging from 1920x810 to 832x810."

Also, you're right, the article does mention gameplay, if so very briefly. That was indeed a 'genuine' mistake on my end.
However, the article is quantifiably tech-related.


You got stuck on the technical merits of a product in DEVELOPMENT.

It's not DF's final opinion. It says 'work in progress' in the embedded video. I'm basing my opinion on what 343 chose to showcase to the world at E3 this year.

And there's nothing wrong with analyzing and forming an opinion for a game in development.

"games are shipping with pretty serious problems these days more often than not. Highlighting the state of a game prior to release puts it in the spotlight and gets people talking. If the developer can turn around and solve these issues before release they'll look like heroes. Either way, it gives a snapshot of how the game is coming along."

Septic1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


"I clearly referenced DF;"With 810 vertical lines in play we're looking at a resolution ranging from 1920x810 to 832x810.""

Eh?? Are you being deliberately obtuse ? You clearly cherry picked the quote which was used to describe the point about dynamic resolution and COMPLETELY missed the NEXT line stating what the resolution will most likely be, according the the very source you're quoting.

You either deliberately missed the point or genuinely missed it somehow. But you missed it out completely. At least admit that much

meanthyme1202d ago

Da cloud, this imaginary thing that nasa are currently utilising, along with cancer researchers also using da cloud, but hey, you said "da cloud" with a seeming flagrant disregard of any notion of what it actually is, how cool of you, you do know Sony is also heavily invested in the same technology don't you? What do we call it now ? Sony ephemeral sunshine blocker with extra goodness? Stop chatting absolute tosh.

bennissimo1202d ago

When resolution actually matters more than gameplay in an empirical sense, gaming will be dead.

IamTylerDurden11202d ago

Apparently a lot. Did u see the last gen textures? This game is not impressive visually at all. A launch game in Shadowfall and a cross-gen game in Destiny both had better visuals and were prettier.

The only thing that looked good were the particle fx bc it was an amped up e3 demo. The gameplay looked similar to cod, where is the innovation? A double jump? Playing as a different character? That's it?

I'm surprised ppl gave this and gears 4 a pass simply bc of their lineage. I would swear if i didn't know anything about gaming that Killzone 3, tlou, and this new gen Halo were running on the same system.

Septic1202d ago

"The gameplay looked similar to cod, where is the innovation? A double jump? Playing as a different character? That's it? "

Lol like cod? You clearly know nothing about Halo.

"A launch game in Shadowfall and a cross-gen game in Destiny both had better visuals and were prettier. "

And look how crap Killzone turned out to be even with its nice visuals.

Abaddon1202d ago

Ive seen this a lot but noone seems to correct those that think that they know what they are on about... DX12 is only in early stages on windows 10 beta. There is only one game supporting DX12 on pc and the cloud isnt supported in more than titanfall.

So the xbox has only seen the increase from the kinect resources so far. Which isnt 20% either. Yw

Irishguy951202d ago

Hey tyler

"The Last Guardian - it's real & the creature looked amazing, the moving feathers were incredible. The scene with the boy climbing the creature as the creature struggled to climb was amazing. "

Eh...if you accept TLG you must see how stupid you look no?

"I'm surprised ppl gave this and gears 4 a pass simply bc of their lineage. I would swear if i didn't know anything about gaming that Killzone 3, tlou, and this new gen Halo were running on the same system."


StrawberryDiesel4201201d ago

Show me a FPS on PS4 that is 1080p/60fps. It's not easy to get a game running like that on any piece of hardware. Let's all just wait and see what happens when the game comes out. I would be fine with 900p/60fps though I don't really care much for Halo. When it comes to exclusive shooting on XBOX it's Gears of War for me all day.

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Bigpappy1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

May be they are disagreeing because this is an Xbox game and how great the game turns out to be is not dependent on how many p's the resolution is. What is added to make the game feat fresh and fun to play, will determine how great a Halo game it is, the number of P's is for people how would want to argue that Killzone is better. I think they would go with lower resolution over lack luster gameplay and dumb A.I.

Genuine-User1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

The article and I are discussing the technical merits and shortcomings of Halo 5.

Not how 'great' or 'fun' the game might be.

donthate1202d ago


"The article and I are discussing the technical merits and shortcomings of Halo 5.

Not how 'great' or 'fun' the game might be"

First of all, the article does discuss how great or fun the game is multiple times.

You got stuck on the technical merits of a product in DEVELOPMENT.

It is highly ungenuine to criticizes a game in development.

Judge a game when it is a final product and don't fault a developer for being so open with an unfinished product. They might just elect to not show you anything.

Septic1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

"Not how 'great' or 'fun' the game might be."

Read the article properly.

"But on balance, it's the aforementioned gameplay additions that truly seem to have changed the game. Sprinting, aiming down sights, and ledge grabbing are all prominently featured in the E3 demo, but the largest change comes from the new squad system"

SilentNegotiator1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Ummm...when framerate starts being cause for losing FEATURES like splitscreen, maybe the gameplay IS the concern.

AndrewLB1201d ago

You seem to be forgetting that Killzone Shadow Fall is NOT 1080p. The game is rendered at 960x1080 and uses a unique frame blending technique to "create" the missing lines of resolution.

super_bruno1201d ago

Why arw we talking about Killzone, the last game wad terrible.

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Bigpappy1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I am just trying to point out to you that the people interested in Halo are not focused on the resolution. You comment is focused on highlighting resolution and frame rate of a demo. That is why you are probably getting those disagree. You asked and I gave you my opinion as a halo fan.

DF can do what ever they want. I find they findings to be interesting as far as them being able to see many things I would not have know with the naked eye. But at the end of the day it does nothing to sway me in either direction. They pretty much wrote off Ryse as a technical nightmare. I played that game before any patches were even released and had no problems what-so-ever. Same with Titan Falls.

I know were my disagrees are coming from. Many PS fans don't think I should mention KZ. But I can't think of a more relevant game that emphasizes what Halo fans would NOT want Halo5 to turn out to be.

Genuine-User1202d ago

I have played an enjoyed every single Halo game. Halo 2 and 4 were technical marvels on their respective systems. I expected the same with Halo 5.

You're confusing opinions with empirical data. This thread is solely discussing the tech behind Halo 5, where it fails and where it shines.

If people are fine with Halo 5 dipping to 832x810 (73% of 720p in some areas), so be it.

I expect more from current-gen games.

bennissimo1202d ago

Good thing they have months left to optimize it, eh?

IamTylerDurden11202d ago

What exactly was wrong with Killzone, i'm assuming u mean Shadowfall bc every other Killzone was well received. Shadowfall looked a hell of a lot better visually, the gunplay was tight, the owl was a superb innovation, the levels were large open areas which allowed for a variety of tactics, less linear than Halo looks, the guns were weighty and well designed, i enjoyed the sp personally, the mp was fantastic and visceral with less aim assist and an excellent experience for non-newb gamers. I experienced no bugs or glitches, the extra maps were FREE as well as other dlc. I enjoyed/enjoy Shadowfall immensely.

Just to let ya know the Shadowfall e3 demo from 2 years ago was far more impressive than the current Halo demo so...Goodluck with halo and gears 4, color me unimpressed thus far.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1202d ago

It sounds like the resolution is dropping down closer to 720p.

I also agree with the article that the alpha effects are poor. When I watched the E3 demo. The squad mates gunfire looked like simple jagged lines. Unacceptable for a game in 2015 IMO.

There is still some time to go but if 60fps is there target and they can't hit it consistently maybe they should lock resolution at 720p. It would be pretty bad but would give a smooth experience.

meanthyme1202d ago

Oh look ! A ps4 pr trumpet has followed us all the way to an X box thread ! Can we keep it ?

sAVAge_bEaST1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


I was just reading, but since you Hypocrites from the Xbox camp love to point stuff out. Here is a dose of truth.

1) last gen -Lens of truth , VGcharts, -Resolution. and $ales.

(Now woo-woo waa- waa)

2)Massive Exclusive Deals,
Now, COD sucks.

3) If you don't want others to not Comment in your section,,. Then please don't comment in the Last Guardian info., (or Drive Club, or UC4, or Street Fighter, FF7 remake, etc. etc. etc...)

4) I couldn't give 2 a f*s about Halo/res/FpS/. I just found this article hilarious, then read the hypocrisy, and had to Post.

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yarbie10001203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

FPS > Resolution

Didn't DF look like idiots just a few months ago when they prematurely put out analysis of a game, and they were reviewing non-finished code. They had to update the article and apologize.

We're still months away from the release of Halo 5. I played the beta, i'm not worried.

MightyNoX1203d ago

The beta was 720p, though, thays why it didnt struggle with 60fps.

Phil Spnecer WILL not allow their flagship to be anything under less than 1080p. But here is where the cookie crumbles, the Bone cannot handle 1080p (see Battlefield, Star Wars etc) so the higher the resolution, the lower thr fps.

Calling it, this will be 900p dynamic resolution with variable fps 45~60.

Software_Lover1203d ago

........ The bone can't handle 1080p?

That is just dumb. There are plenty of 1080p games on Xbox one. Do Sacrifices need to be made to reach 1080/60? Yes. That is also why we don't see many 1080/60 games on PS4. If they targeted 30fps I'm sure they could get it to 1080p.

This article is about FPS though, not resolution. If it's 900/60 then fine. That is what they thought would be the best for their game. What is wrong with that is the question that needs to be asked because what was shown on stage looked good.

Crimzon1203d ago

Isn't Forza 1080p 60fps?

Either ways, I don't own an Xbox but speaking personally I'd always choose 720p 60fps over 1080p 30fps. Framerate has a huge impact on the playability of a game, whereas resolution does nothing except suck up resources and make the game look a little nicer.

It's no coincidence that the best selling and most popular games are also games that prioritize framerate over resolution. Call of Duty doesn't have very good graphics, but that smooth 60fps gameplay is a huge reason for its popularity. That's why Battlefield has started prioritizing framerate as well.

Look at the racing genre as well, all the best-selling, best-reviewed and most highly regarded racing games are all 60fps. Same goes for the fighting genre as well.

If you want to be the best, you've got to have 60fps, nobody cares about what resolution the game is running at except fanboys on internet forums. The general populace is more concerned with how smooth a game plays. That's why the most recent examples of games with amazing graphics all reviewed terribly and sold even worse. People like good gameplay, resolution doesn't matter.

Rimeskeem1203d ago

On topic: there is no doubt in my mind that Halo 5 will be a good game. I'm not worried about the resolution or FPS of the game really. The only thing that bothers me is split screen.

Of topic: where in gods name did you get the bubbles. You, Aussie, Rookie and many others are getting an insane amount of bubbles somehow. I call shananigans.

Rookie_Monster1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

On topic: nope, I had never once play split screen since Halo one and I like no compromise for smooth gameplay and full screen at all time since now pretty much everyone has fast Internet connection these days to make the transition from the archaic Split screen mode that sacrifices framerate, real estate, and resolution for the glory of everything displaying on screen for a single player easy and hassle free. I am totally fine with the decision 343i is making with the seemless 60fps drop in, drop out MP.

Also Wow, did you just called me out on having the same amount of bubbles like everyone one else on N4G after the reset in which everyone from Mikeslemonade gaining 5 bubbles to you having 10? As a matter of fact, I think I should deserve more because I am a fair gamer and give praise to other things that is not PC or xbox when I see fair. Now can you or other 10 bubble buddies of yours that are pro Sony say what I am saying about a system that is not PS4 as well?

Examples of Rooki's non-bias praises for the popular PS4 console just 2 days ago:

"Agreed, Naughty Dog is like God tier as far as how they can craft set pieces and make it that much better than everything else. Looking forward to this masterpiece in Spring 2016." #8

"But why stop there, I say get both a PS4 and XB1 as well to compliment your PC so you can play great exclusives that you can't play anywhere else like Uncharted 4, Driceclub, The Orders 1886, Bloodborne, Horizon on PS4 and Halo 5, , Forza 6, Quantum Break, Scalebound, Crackdown, Recore, Gears 4 on XB1"

You just need to chill as anyone that obvious like an Xbox and not a PS4 so much doesn't neccessary deemed unworthy for receiving more than one bubble. You been here long enough to know how the bubble politics are play here. Please, just stop with your shananigans.

meanthyme1202d ago

DF also said killzone shadowfall was full 1080p, credibility, meet the exit door, don't let it hit you on the way out.

Lord-Nicon1202d ago

I don't trust on DF anymore, they always praise Sony and trash Microsoft..

gosukyomomma1202d ago

They are hardware analysis experts if the technology in one machine provides better results than the other then that is not their fault is it, all df di is analyse what is being outputted by the hardware. because ps4 has better hardware better results will be achieved amd when compared to the xbox one it will always come out on top but i doubt df are bias

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MightyNoX1203d ago

At the end of the da, one question needs to be asked ~ They forsake what made Halo great (putting ADS, no split-screen) to be able to make this thing prettier and in the end, it may not even reach 1080p or 60fps.

Was it worth it?

FlexLuger1203d ago

"They forsake what made Halo great (putting ADS, no split-screen)"

Halos online MP is what made it great, not split screen co op. As for ADS..aiming works the same way it always has. Visually you see a gun now instead of just the reticule....try harder, man.

"it may not even reach 1080p or 60fps. "

Going by your comment history, I think thats wishful thinking on your part.

BitbyDeath1202d ago

LAN parties made it popular not online Mp.

FlexLuger1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

BitbyDeath + 1h ago
"LAN parties made it popular not online Mp."

Lan is essentially online gaming without the long distance. And people can still do that anyway, So im not sure what point you are trying to make. I was replying to MightyNoX false assumptions about what made halo great. Not what has contributed to its popularity. Just giving you clarification.

But Ill humour you...Do you honestly believe that more people play halo via LAN than online? Halo 2s was the game that sold people on proper online gaming on consoles ( before people say the DC was first, you could only play chu chu rocket online in the UK....I know, because I own TWO DCs, a japanese and universal UK-spec model.)

Its halos expertly executed MP that has always been the main thing that put it above other shooters. There are not many games that are as balanced or addictive..It requires more skill than most FPS games online.That has always been part of its appeal. And I dont think anybody who puts more stock into split screen co op, understands the real depth of the could they...they only play campaign against AI. You cant learn how to work a DMR/BR properly in that mode. You cant learn the nuances of movement in halo by just playing campaign/co op. So no...its not "what made halo great". And LAN is simply online MP in localized settings so you only back up my point, that MP is what makes halo great.

awi59511202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


Yes i do me and my friends played 16 player Halo CE lan every weekend like crazy untill Halo 2 came out. The weapons were so weak and dumbed down we lost interest in halo 2 after 2 weeks. We switched to ghost recon and rainbow 6 in frustration and never looked back those games were more fun anyway.

Septic1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

And you know what made Halo great?

Your concern trolling aside, true fans know what Halo is all about and that's its gameplay.

ADS? You mean how it operates on a cosmetic level similar to previous games minus autos ?

Halo is more than its split screen .It's about its gameplay and this looks set to be one of the best one's yet. The MP running at 60fps was brilliant and this campaign looks incredible for Halo fans .

So whilst some latch on to minor technical shortcomings, fans are just hoping for what looks like the best fps exclusive on consoles.

So your rather disingenuous question is pretty pointless imo.

Rookie_Monster1203d ago

Con on dude,

You apparently don't know anything but just trolling as usual.

The ADS thing has already been shot down, where have you been? It is not ADS, it is something else called smart scope. Go back to any other Halo game and you'll find the scope tightens your spread, makes you move slightly slower, and slows your aim. The contextualized scope is in place to attract modern shooter fans, but the mechanics from past scope-in are exactly the same. And the scope on weapons that didn't previously have it is a welcome change.

This alone tells me you know nothing about Halo but just doing your usual hate propoganda like many other XBox/Halo haters out here. Just please, stop.

d_g1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

do you realize this is [work in progress]

did you even read the title of the video ?

StrayaKNT1202d ago

When this comes out and it destroys every game you have ever played you will know it was worth it dude :) being worried just shows us how much you care too

FlexLuger1202d ago

"Yes i do me and my friends played 16 player Halo CE lan every weekend like crazy untill Halo 2 came out."

You and your 16 friends ALL decided you dont like halo, for exactly the same reason but like exactly the same FPS elsewhere? Sure you are not making this up just for the sake of fabricating a counterpoint? Seems a bit suspect, is all....

"The weapons were so weak and dumbed down we lost interest in halo 2 after 2 weeks"

Odd. I have always played online, and never had that problem. Maybe you and your friends were only good against each other (assuming You are not bullshitting about your first quote)and got your asses handed to you online on halo 2? Thats what it sounds like. Sure the pistol was weaker, but the BR was still king. I can play any version of halo and storm to the top of the board.

"We switched to ghost recon and rainbow 6 in frustration and never looked back those games were more fun anyway."

Recon and R6 were good games, but they were not as good as halo. Opinions, eh?

meanthyme1202d ago

Was it worth it? Dunno mate I haven't played the full game, have you ?

PhucSeeker1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

You map the aim/zoom button to the R3 and nobody bats an eye. Map it to the LT and PS fanboys sh!t all over it.

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jackwei221203d ago

I hope so but if not I would be happy that the game is released fully working and fixed with no bugs so it is fully playable so we can forget about the disaster of broken games last fall by lots of developers namely ubisoft.

iistuii1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

This site makes me laugh. When I get a game, as long as it runs right & looks good I don't sit there nit picking every frame. If it's Halo & better looking than the 360 & has a great story campaign & solid MP then that's all I'm interested in. DF can keep their fanboy drivel, I'll be too bus playing the game to care.


Lol true...a lot of them are probably hoping and praying that the game is less than 1080p no matter what the framerate is. It has been proven many times that the average person cannot tell the difference between the resolutions but somehow it is still a hot topic.

I don't think the game will reach a locked 1080p 60fps. But wouldn't it be funny with all of the resolution talk, if the xb1 managed to get 3 1080p 60fps exclusives (there will already be 2), b4 the ps4 got 1? That would be hilarious.

iistuii1203d ago

I said to someone last week about this resolution argument. If you bought a game, took it home, installed it & played it you could not know if it was a 1080 or 900 upscale game. You can look & pick out the jaggies (aliasing) you can see stutter (frame-rate) but you just cannot look at a game & say " that's not 1080". Remember the KillzoneSF MP, that was hilarious because that wasn't 1080 native yet if it wasn't for some site testing it, nobody would have been the wiser. I'd love to get a couple of these guys in a room with a game running & ask them whilst I'm playing it what resolution it was, they wouldn't have a clue...

STARS1203d ago


Your trolling aside, Guilty Gear Xrd is a locked 60 FPS @ 1080p, TLOU: Remastered is also 1080p, 60 FPS. You're no different than anyone else around here, so get off of your high horse already and stop spreading misinformation.

OT, good luck to 343 getting Halo 5 to reach new heights on an Xbox console, the game should be a lot of fun.

CYCLEGAMER1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Not trolling...I said EXCLUSIVE (next gen exclusives) Guilty Gear xrd is on the ps3, The Last of Us is a port from the ps3. Both games are on the ps3, those are facts.

And yes..Halo 5 should be an awesome game.

memots1202d ago

Versus how much trolling Killzone got for being 60fps but not 1080p in multiplayer?

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Septic1203d ago

Precisely. Whilst the way the game runs is important you can see the haters trying to focus desperately on any perceived technical shortcomings because Halo has consistently been the best fps exclusive for ages and this looks set to continue the trend.

Yes I want a stable 60fps experience but I also want a great Halo game. God knows I don't want a visually/technically great looking fps with a completely hollow experience.

Spotie1202d ago

I fail to see how it's any worse than the flak Killzone and The Order got, though their resolutions and framerates were intentional.

To be clear, I don't hope any game suffers. But it's silly of you to act like the only people bringing this up are concern trolling.

Septic1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


"I fail to see how it's any worse than the flak Killzone and The Order got"

Err...this is an analysis of an on stage video at E3?

"But it's silly of you to act like the only people bringing this up are concern trolling."

No I'm talking about MightyNox and the others concern trolling. Read the bs comments above and no, I'm not naive to believe that they wish (and others on here) 'dont hope any game suffers'.

The performance is absolutely important. But people aren't even referencing the information from the article correctly so yeah, excuse for not believing the concerns of some people as being well founded.


"Frank O'Conner again cautions that "there's zero permanent resolution information to take away from E3."

Haters gon hate.

christocolus1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


Well said but why even bother arguing with these guys? All those pretending to worry about the game obviously have an agenda,they do not own Xbox Ones, they are never going to buy the game but they seem to be the most interested and while posting their comments they intentionally skip the part of the article where Frank calls the current build a work in progress.We know this game is going to turn out great and we will be buying it day one. 343i has an in engine debugging tool which is highly efficient,i'm sure the game will be awesome.

bennissimo1202d ago

lol You come to N4G for unbiased game reporting? I've got a bridge to sell you.

This site has a consistent lean toward Sony products, which isn't bad, just something you should bear in mind.